WATCH: Russia Fans Light Flare After Goal vs. Slovakia

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Russia fans were expected to be on their best behavior Wednesday, but that didn’t stop one fan from pushing the limits.

Russia has been handed a suspended disqualification from UEFA, with the understanding that anymore in-stadium incidents will see them kicked out of Euro. Extra security measures were put in place for their match against Slovakia, and there was a temporary ban on alcohol sales leading up to the match.

Russia fell behind 2-0, but got one back in the 80th minute with a Denis Glushakov header. It was at that point that one flare went up in the Russian fan section, one that was quickly extinguished but captured nonetheless.

Russia failed to amount a comeback and fell 2-1 to Slovakia.

Russia now have one point through two matches, and it seems unlikely they will advance to the knockout round. IF UEFA take a stand against Russia’s fans, they may be forced to forfeit their final match against Wales, which wouldn’t mean much from Russia but would be huge for Wales.

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