WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Live Stream: How to Watch Tonight’s Episode Online

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, the WWE must deal with Roman Reigns’ absence, John Cena and The Club will likely have another confrontation, and we’ll see what the heck is going on between The New Day and the Wyatt Family. For those looking to stream the episode online, the USA Network provides several helpful ways to do so, although unfortunately the only legal path requires a cable subscription.

How to Watch ‘Monday Night Raw’ on Your Computer

If you already get the USA Network on cable but won’t be near a television this evening, streaming Monday Night Raw on your computer is quite easy.

Just head over to the USA Network’s livestream page, where you will be prompted to log in. Then, enter your cable information (or the information of a kind friend who gets USA), and a high-quality stream will start showing you exactly what appears on television. Load that up a few minutes before showtime and you’ll be ready to go when Monday Night Raw begins at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

How to Watch ‘Monday Night Raw’ on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Won’t be near a television or a computer? Luckily, there’s still a way to watch Raw if you have access to some sort of smartphone or tablet.

Simply download the USA Now app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. Once you open the app, click the button in the top right corner and hit “LIVE,” and you’ll be prompted to enter your cable login. Once successfully authenticated, your device will begin functioning exactly like a television tuned in to the USA Network, and you’re good to go for Raw.

The USA Now app is also available on Apple TV, Roku and the Xbox One.

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If you won’t be able to watch Raw but still want to get all the match results and spoilers, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to our live results page, which will be continuously updated throughout the evening with highlights: