WWE ‘SmackDown’ Spoilers & Results For This Week, June 30

Dean Ambrose WWE, Dean Ambrose Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose Smackdown

Dean Ambrose will fight The Miz on this week’s episode of ‘SmackDown.’ (WWE)

Thursday night’s episode of SmackDown will be broadcast out of Miami, Florida. Thanks to those in attendance for the taping on Tuesday night, we now have all of the spoilers and results from June 30th’s SmackDown you need to see courtesy of Bleacher Report.

With much of the roster away in Hawaii this week, this episode shifts the focus onto some performers we haven’t seen a whole lot of recently. For instance, we get a matchup between The Miz, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, and Dean Ambrose, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Who will emerge victorious? Will the Lunatic Fringe keep up his winning streak?

There’s also a fatal four-way match in which three WWE stars have the opportunity to challenge Rusev for the United States championship. Could any of them be successful? Plus, Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke both have matches, as do the Wyatt Family, who are finally doing something other than ominously staring at The New Day.

Read on for a full summary of the events winners and losers.

Cesaro defeats Sheamus, Apollo Crews and Alberto Del Rio in a fatal four-way match. This gives Cesaro an opportunity to fight Rusev for the United States championship. For whatever reason Titus O’Neil is nowhere to be seen during this fatal four-way despite his ongoing feud with Rusev.

Moments later, the match between Rusev and Cesaro begins, with Rusev winning and keeping his title. Could this be the beginning of a feud between Rusev and Cesaro? Will Rusev even have enough time to pick fights with him between all the beating on Titus O’Neil he’ll be doing?

Dana Brooke defeats Billie Kay. This is Kay’s debut on SmackDown, as she has typically been seen on NXT (although she had been MIA over the past few months). It’s unclear if there is any role for her on the roster going forward, but Fansided recently reported that at least six NXT performers are going to be moving to SmackDown in the upcoming brand split. Could Kay be one of them?

The Miz has Dean Ambrose on as a guest on Miz TV, and the two eventually fight with The Miz emerging victorious. This sets up a main event match between the two to occur later in the evening. Also, Dean Ambrose eats a sandwich.

Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family defeat two local jobbers. This is the second match of the week featuring two random jobbers after The New Day’s on Monday Night Raw. 

Sasha Banks defeats Summer Rae.

In the main event, Dean Ambrose defeats The Miz. Presumably the commentators will continue to make comments about how baffling it is to see Ambrose representing the company.


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