How Long Will Dean Ambrose Retain His WWE Title?

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Dean Ambrose will fight The Miz on this week’s episode of ‘SmackDown.’ (WWE)

Dean Ambrose is the WWE’s current World Heavyweight Champion, but it seems unlikely that will last much longer. Is Ambrose destined to lose his title to Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns at Battleground next month? New reports from behind the scenes at WWE suggest as much.

According to Daily Wrestling News, there has been a fair amount of backstage criticism of Ambrose at the WWE, with some saying that the performer has been phoning it in since he won the title last month. Others have expressed concerned for his health, saying that the Lunatic Fringe has lately not looked too good backstage following big matches.

Meanwhile, Inquisitr reports that Ambrose fans perhaps shouldn’t get too invested in the idea of Dean as champion, as rumor has it his reign is expected to end at Battleground on July 24th.

Adding fuel to this fire, on a recent episode of MLW Radioprofessional wrestler Mister Saint Laurent said that Ambrose just isn’t ready to be the face of the company.

“I don’t see him as a guy that works in that role,” he said. “One of the positives is that people don’t boo him when he comes out, so I guess for a company that was struggling in some ways, there are positives to it. [But] I don’t see him as a long-term solution.”

While this is bad news for Ambrose fans, it’s great for anyone hoping to see Seth Rollins reclaim his WWE championship. Recent reports have suggested that the WWE is planning a redemption storyline for Roman Reigns upon his return, as the performer will have to redeem himself after a 30 day suspension. That seems to imply he will not win at Battleground, and coupled with what we’re now hearing about Dean Ambrose, it looks like Rollins’ chances of grabbing the title are quite good.

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