Roman Reigns Drug Suspension Update: Did Reigns Take Adderall?

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Roman Reigns will return on July 21st for the Battleground pay-per-view. (Instagram)

Days before WWE performer Roman Reigns returns from suspension, we’re getting new information about why he may have failed his drug test.

A new report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicates that Reigns may have tested positive for Adderall. Although primarily a drug prescribed to individuals suffering from ADHD, Adderall can also be used as a mild performance enhancer, and the WWE treats it as such.

If true, it wouldn’t be the first time that a performer was suspended for using Adderall in 2016. Adam Rose was suspended for 60 days earlier this year when the drug was found in his system, but he said that it had been prescribed by a doctor to treat ADHD. He even sent out a copy of a doctor’s note on Twitter.

At the moment, this information about Reigns is just a rumor, and it will likely stay that way for a while, as the WWE generally does not release information of this kind.

However, this fits with a previous report that Reigns had been suspended for taking an amphetamine, which we noted at the time could mean anything from MDMA to ADHD medication. It’s not clear if Reigns was taking the drug recreationally or if he perhaps had a prescription but was taking far more than his prescribed dosage.

The WWE’s wellness policy notes that “The non-medical use of an amphetamine, methamphetamine, Ectasy (MDMA), Eve (MDEA), MDA, PMA, Phentermine and other amphetamine derivatives and related compounds is prohibited.”

The company announced in late June that Reigns would be suspended for 30 days as a result of a failed wellness policy test, although they provided no further information. At the time, Reigns took to Twitter to apologize to fans. This apology was later mocked on Monday Night Raw by Seth Rollins, who has continued to point to Reigns’ suspension as an example of him betraying the WWE universe. Rarely is a real-life suspension incorporated into the show’s storyline in this fashion.

This month-long absence evidently took quite a financial toll on Reigns. According to The Wrestling Reporter newsletter, between all the appearances he was scheduled to make during the month of July, Reigns is expected to lose about $100,000 in revenue.

Reigns’ suspension meant that he could not participate in the WWE Draft on Tuesday, but his name was still in contention, and he was ultimately assigned to Monday Night RawReigns’ 30 days are up just in time for him to return at the Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday, where he will go up against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

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