USA Track & Field Olympic Trials Results: Sunday Qualifiers

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Allyson Felix won’t get to go for the 200m/400m double in Rio. (Getty)

USA Track & Field Olympic Trials Results: Day 9

USA track & field Olympic qualifying is in the books.

Here’s a look at Sunday’s final results and qualifiers, as well as an updated Team USA roster for Rio:

Women’s Pole Vault

Cleared 4.40 meters (14’5 1/4″): Kristen Hixson (first try), Morgann LeLeux (first try), Kylie Hutson (first try), Alexis Weeks (first try), Katie Nageotte (second try), Sandi Morris (second try), Megan Clark (third try), Kristen Brown (third try), April Bennett (third try). Jenn Suhr passed.

Cleared 4.50 meters (14’9″): Morgann LeLeux (first try), Kyle Hutson (first try), Alexis Weeks (first try), Sandi Morris (first try), Megan Clark (first try), Kristen Brown (first try), Kristen Hixson (second try), Katie Nageotte (second try), April Bennett (second try), Emily Grove (second try). Jenn Suhr passed.

Cleared 4.60 meters (15’1′”): Alexis Weeks (first try), Jenn Suhr (first try), Sandi Morris (first try), Morgan LeLeux (second try), Katie Nageotte (third try), Megan Clark (third try)

Cleared 4.65 meters (15’3″): Alexis Weeks (first try), Jenn Suhr (first try), Sandi Morris (first try)

Cleared 4.70 meters (15’5″): Sandi Morris (first try), Alexis Weeks (second try), Jenn Suhr (third try)

Cleared 4.75 meters (15’7″): Jenn Suhr (first try), Sandi Morris (first try)

Cleared 4.80 meters (15’9″): Jenn Suhr (first try)

Suhr, Morris and Weeks easily topped the rest of the field before battling it out to be crowned US champion. Ultimately, it was the 2012 Olympic gold medalist out-jumping the others, but this impressive trio of medal contenders (Suhr and Morris are 1 and 2 in the world this year, while the 19-year-old Weeks is rising) will get to continue their battle in Brazil next month.

Going to Rio: Jenn Suhr, Sandi Morris, Alexis Weeks

Men’s High Jump

Cleared 2.16 meters (7’1″): Trey McRae (first try), Kyle Landon (first try), Trey Culver (first try), Erik Kynard (first try), Bryan McBride (first try), Bradley Adkins (first try), Deante Kemper (second try), Dakarai Hightower (second try), Ricky Robertson (second try)

Cleared 2.21 meters (7’3″): Kyle Landon (first try), Erik Kynard (first try), Bradley Adkins (first try), Deante Kemper (first try), Dakarai Hightower (second try), Trey McRae (second try), Ricky Robertson (second try)

Cleared 2.26 meters (7’5″): Erik Kynard (first try), Kyle Landon (second try). Deante Kemper passed after missing his first two attempts.

Cleared 2.29 meters (7’6″): Erik Kynard (first try)

2012 Olympic silver medalist Erik Kynard skipped 2.32 meters to give 2.35 a shot. He missed on all three attempts, but he’s easily the U.S. champ nonetheless.

Kyle Landon and Bradley Adkins were next in line, but because Landon doesn’t have the Olympic standard, his spot goes to the next highest finisher who does, and that’s Ricky Robertson.

Going to Rio: Erik Kynard, Bradley Adkins, Ricky Robertson

Women’s 400m Hurdles

2013 World Championships silver medalist Dalilah Muhammad clocked a personal best, an Olympic trials best and a world-leading time to win by more than a full second.

She’ll be joined in Rio by Ashley Spencer and 16-year-old Sydney McLaughlin, who sets a bit of history herself:

Here are the final times:

Dalilah Muhammad: 52.88

Ashley Spencer: 54.02

Sydney McLaughlin: 54.15

Kori Carter: 54.47

Cassandra Tate: 54.60

Autumne Franklin: 54.65

Jaide Stepter: 54.95

Terea Brown: 56.29

Going to Rio: Dalilah Muhammad, Ashley Spencer, Sydney McLaughlin

Women’s Heptathlon

Here are the final standings:

Going to Rio: Barbara Nwaba, Heather Miller-Koch, Kendell Williams

Women’s 5000m

It was a dominant performance from Molly Huddle, who led the entire race and pulled away from the field on the final lap to complete the impressive 5K/10K double at the Olympic trials this week.

It’s unclear if she’ll race both in Rio, but she noted on the NBC broadcast that she’s likely only to do the 10K.

Here are the final times:

Going to Rio: Molly Huddle, Shelby Houlihan, Kim Conley

Men’s 400m Hurdles

Johnny Dutch, who entered with the world’s two fastest times in 2016, had a significant lead after the final hurdle but hit a wall without about 50 meters to go, as he was passed up by Kerron Clement, Byron Robinson and Michael Tinsley.

While there’s been a lot of youth dominating the trials this week, there will be plenty of Olympic experience in this race next month. Clement has made two Olympic teams and won silver in 2008, while Tinsley won silver in London in 2012.

Going to Rio: Kerron Clement, Byron Robinson, Michael Tinsley

Women’s 1500m

Jenny Simpson and Shannon Rowbury finished first and second with time to spare, while the final spot in Rio came down to Brenda Martinez and Amanda Eccleston, who basically dove across the finish the line simultaneously.

The nod went to Martinez, who makes the team by three one-hundredths of a second.

Going to Rio: Jenny Simpson, Shannon Rowbury, Brenda Martinez

Women’s 200m

There will be no Olympic double for Allyson Felix, who finished fourth behind Tori Bowie, Deajah Stevens and Jenna Prandini. Already qualified in the 400, Felix came in one one-hundredth of a second behind a diving Prandini in one of the tightest finishes you’ll ever see.

Going to Rio: Tori Bowie, Deajah Stevens, Jenna Prandini

Men’s 1500m

After missing a medal in London by .04 seconds, Matthew Centrowitz will get another chance at Olympic hardware after setting a trials-record of 3:34.09.

He’ll be joined by Robby Andrews and Ben Blankenship, who held off Leonel Manzano down the final stretch.

Going to Rio: Matthew Centrowitz, Robby Andrews, Ben Blankenship

USA Track & Field Olympic Roster 2016

Men’s 100m

Justin Gatlin

Trayvon Bromell

Marvin Bracy

Men’s 200m

Justin Gatlin

LaShawn Merritt

Ameer Webb

Men’s 400m

LaShawn Merritt

Gil Roberts

David Verburg

Men’s 800m

Clayton Murphy

Boris Berian

Charles Jock

Men’s 1500m

Matthew Centrowitz

Robby Andrews

Ben Blankenship

Men’s 5000m

Bernard Lagat

Hassan Mead

Paul Chelimo

Men’s 10000m

Galen Rupp

Shadrack Kipchirchir

Leonard Essau Korir

Men’s Marathon

Galen Rupp

Meb Keflezighi

Jared Ward

Men’s 110m Hurdles

Devon Allen

Ronnie Ash

Jeff Porter

Men’s 400m Hurdles

Kerron Clement

Byron Robinson

Michael Tinsley

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase

Hillary Bor

Donald Cabral

Evan Jager

Men’s 50k Walk

John Nunn

Men’s Long Jump

Marquis Dendy

Jeff Henderson

Jarrion Lawson

Men’s Triple Jump

Chris Bernard

Will Claye

Christian Taylor

Men’s High Jump

Erik Kynard

Bradley Adkins

Ricky Robertson

Men’s Pole Vault

Logan Cunningham

Sam Kendricks

Cale Simmons

Men’s Shot Put

Ryan Crouser

Darrell Hill

Joe Kovacs

Men’s Discus Throw

Tavis Bailey

Andrew Evans

Mason Finley

Men’s Javelin Throw

Sam Crouser

Sean Furey

Cyrus Hostetler

Men’s Decathlon

Ashton Eaton

Jeremy Taiwo

Zach Ziemek

Women’s 100m

Tianna Bartoletta

Tori Bowie

English Gardner

Women’s 200m

Tori Bowie

Deajah Stevens

Jenna Prandini

Women’s 400m

Allyson Felix

Phyllis Francis

Natasha Hastings

Women’s 800m

Kate Grace

Chrishuna Williams

Ajee Wilson

Women’s 1500m

Jenny Simpson

Shannon Rowbury

Brenda Martinez

Women’s 5000m

Molly Huddle

Shelby Houlihan

Kim Conley

Women’s 10000m

Marielle Hall

Molly Huddle

Emily Infeld

Women’s Marathon

Amy Cragg

Shalane Flanagan

Desiree Linden

Women’s 20km Walk

Miranda Melville

Maria Michta-Coffey

Women’s 100m Hurdles

Nia Ali

Kristi Castlin

Brianna Rollins

Women’s 400m Hurdles

Dalilah Muhammad

Ashley Spencer

Sydney McLaughlin

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase

Emma Coburn

Courtney Frerichs

Colleen Quigley

Women’s Long Jump

Tianna Bartoletta

Janay DeLoach

Brittney Reese

Women’s Triple Jump

Christina Epps

Andrea Geubelle

Keturah Orji

Women’s Pole Vault

Jenn Suhr

Sandi Morris

Alexis Weeks

Women’s High Jump

Vashti Cunningham

Chaunte Lowe

Inika McPherson

Women’s Shot Put

Michelle Carter

Felisha Johnson

Raven Saunders

Women’s Discus Throw

Whitney Ashley

Kelsey Card

Shelbi Vaughan

Women’s Javelin Throw

Brittany Borman

Maggie Malone

Kara Winger

Women’s Heptathlon

Barbara Nwaba

Heather Miller-Koch

Kendell Williams

Women’s Hammer Throw

Gwen Berry

Amber Campbell

Deanna Price