Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan girlfriend,  The Amazing Race cast

Tim Duncan is dating Vanessa Macias, a former The Amazing Race contestant. (Twitter/@VanessaLMacias)

Tim Duncan, who announced his retirement after 19 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs and five NBA championships, is dating Vanessa Macias, a television personality and former The Amazing Race contestant.

Macias, 36, was a courtside presence for the Spurs during Duncan’s last few seasons with the team. They have been dating since 2013, after Duncan’s divorce from Amy Sherrill was finalized that year.

On December 18, the Spurs retired Duncan’s jersey number. Macias thanked the team for recognizing her boyfriend.

Here’s a look at Macias’ life and career.

1. Macias Was on ‘The Amazing Race’ as Part of a Dating Divorcees Team

Tim Duncan girlfriend, Tim Duncan WAG, basketball wags, Vanessa Macias


Macias finished fourth in The Amazing Race‘s 20th season in 2011. At the time, she was dating her fellow contestant, bar owner Ralph Kelly. The two traveled around the world, going to places like Argentina, Germany, Tanzania, India and Japan.

In her Amazing Race profile, Macias said that the famous person who reminds her of herself is Jessica Simpson, “sadly.” When asked how her skills would help her, Macias responded, “I am an amazing communicator. My years in TV and politics have made me great at dealing with difficult people.”

2. She Hosted TV and Radio Shows in San Antonio

Macias is a television personality based in San Antonio and first went to college at San Antonio College, according to her bio. She interned for The News 4 San Antonio High School Sports Show and decided to transfer to the University of North Texas.

After graduating, she starred in the travel show Show Me Texas and was a reporter for San Antonio CBS’ Great Day S.A.. She is also an announcer for the San Antonio Missions baseball team and San Antonio Scorpions soccer team. She also co-hosted the morning radio show Talk Now SA. She also worked as a model.

3. She Sent Charles Barkley Churros After He Said She Couldn’t be From San Antonio

Charles Barkley has frequently said awful things about women from San Antonio and Macias would not let him get away with it. In 2014, she wore a shirt that read, “Barkley Don’t Know” and wagged her finger at the camera. “That woman ain’t from here,” Barkley said while Marvias was on camera. “They flew her in from Dallas! I guarantee you!”

Macias later offered Barkley an olive branch which was, of course, a plate of Churros.

4. She Once Suggested That Tim Duncan Bet on Basketball

Tim Duncan girlfriend, Tim Duncan WAG, basketball wags, Vanessa Macias


In March 2015, Macias tweeted that Duncan won a $100 bet against a college friend on whether or not he would make a three-pointer. That doesn’t sound like a log of money, considering that Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he has a net worth of $150 million.

However, it is against the NBA rules for a player to bet on basketball, notes NBC Sports. Of course, the three-point shot didn’t really make a huge impact on the game. It was a blowout win against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

5. She Once Used Twitter to Help Find Her Dog Izzy

Tim Duncan girlfriend, Tim Duncan WAG, basketball wags, Vanessa Macias


In December 2015, Macias enlisted the help of Twitter and San Antonio citizens to help find her dog Izzy. She posted several photos of the dog on the social network and retweeted other users who told everyone that Duncan’s dog was missing.

“We need help. We’ve been searching for Izzy for 15 hours straight. She is microchipped, about 70 lbs, skittish,” she wrote.

Thankfully, several hours later, Izzy was back home and in bed. Macias and Izzy still pose for pictures on social media.

Macias also tweeted that Duncan is still dating her, despite whatever rumors are out there.