WATCH: Bald Eagle Escapes From Dodger Stadium

Bald Eagle Indianapolis 500

A bald eagle (not this one) is now on the loose in Los Angeles (Getty)

With the bald eagle being the national animal of the United States, it makes sense that one would be used for a pregame ceremony on Independence Day. The Los Angeles Dodgers did so Monday afternoon prior to their game against the Baltimore Orioles, but unfortunately for this particular bald eagle’s handler things did not go as planned.

Everything appeared to be going well, with the majestic creature headed towards its handler…only to keep on flying right out of the open gate in center field of Dodger Stadium.

On a day celebrating the United States’ decision to declare its independence from England, maybe it was fitting that the bald eagle decided to do the same from its handler. Hopefully the bald eagle, wherever it may be at this point, is safe.

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