WATCH: WWE Debuts New ‘SmackDown’ Theme Song

In order to celebrate the start of a new era, the WWE has given SmackDown a brand new theme.

The new theme song, “Take a Chance” by CFO$, made its debut on July 26th’s show. It replaces the old theme, “Black and Blue” by the same band, CF$, which became the theme in 2015.

This change followed an episode of Monday Night Raw which also premiered a new themeSmackDown fans were met on Tuesday with a new intro and a fresh-looking set complete with blue ropes to contrast with Raw‘s red ones.

Although Raw this week was dominated by changes, such as the introduction of a new title, WWE Universal Champion, Tuesday’s SmackDown was more about celebrating the show’s position at the top. SmackDown is now home to the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose, and it even beat Raw in the ratings last week for the first time in years. Now, however, a new challenger must be determined to face Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam.

This new era of WWE is defined as the time after the WWE Draft, which took place on Tuesday, July 19th and which split the entire roster between Raw and SmackDownWhile opening the first official show after the draft, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan assured fans that from now on, SmackDown was going to be all about the superstars.

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