Who is Gabby Douglas Dating?

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Whether or not you’re a fan of the exhilarating and sometimes-daunting sport of gymnastics, chances are you know who Gabby Douglas is. She may only be 20-years-old, but the gymnast who goes by the nickname “Flying Squirrel” is the reigning Olympic gymnastics champion, and hopes to add a few more successes to her record in Rio this summer.

But what about her personal life? Does Gabby have a special someone? Is she dating anyone, and will we get to meet him on her new reality show, Douglas Family Gold? Read on to find out.

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Douglas’s first meet as an elite was the 2010 Cover Girl Classic in Chicago. Gabby placed third on beam, 6th on vault, and 9th in the all-around. (Instagram/gabbycvdouglas)

With her 4 to 6 hour training sessions six days a week, Douglas doesn’t have time for a boyfriend. The bottom line is: no, Gabby is not in a relationship. According to Romper, Douglas discusses the topic of dating on her reality series. When interviewing with the studio, she says, “No I don’t have a boyfriend; I don’t have time. All of my attention and focus was spent, you know, in the gym, training…” Douglas went on to joke that she’s been in a longterm relationship with Jim….(nastics).

America’s adoration for the gold medalist was born from her intense worth ethic and impressive skill. After the London Olympics, Douglas earned herself the nickname Flying Squirrel, and a biopic about her life and personal sacrifices aired on Lifetime in 2014. In response to her rapidly growing fanbase, Oxygen was also commissioned to create a reality show chronicling the lives of Gabby and her family. The show, which premiered on May 25, 2016, is titled Douglas Family Gold, and offers a glimpse into the life of an Olympic gymnast.

On Episode 3 of the show, Gabby’s sister, Arielle Hawkins, voices her opinion on Gabby’s relationship status. She admits that while Gabby “needs a companion”…. a “boyfriend takes too much work.” Gabby then jokingly butts in: “I’d feel bad for the guy.”

Perhaps this isn’t too shocking, after all, the 20-year-old went from winning the 2012 Olympics at age 16 to training for Rio– she has also been homeschooled since 3rd grade. Even her Instagram and Twitter pages seem to be relatively devoid of any pictures that could be construed as romantic.

However, judging from social media sentiment, there are plenty of guys hoping that Douglas will be available soon. Below, we’ve included just a few of the hundreds of marriage requests Gabby receives regularly.