WATCH: John Cena Defeats Alberto Del Rio on ‘SmackDown’

In the main event of SmackDown this evening, a match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio ended in a Cena victory.

The match ended when Cena successfully executed an attitude adjustment, taking out Del Rio. Del Rio had the upper hand for a fair amount of the match, but Cena was ultimately able to pull off a victory. The crowd in Austin, Texas were enthusiastic about the event, although some complained that the Cena/Del Rio match went on a bit too long.

This match took place just days ahead against SummerSlam, when John Cena will go up against A.J. Styles. Throughout the match with Del Rio, Styles sat in on commentary, mocking Cena and saying that none of the moves will work on him this Sunday. He also clearly took a lot of pleasure in Cena’s pain, enjoying seeing him beat up.

Cena could not enjoy his victory for long, as moments after Cena defeated Del Rio, A.J. Styles ran into the ring and kicked Cena in the face, knocking him down. Styles declared that Cena’s time is up, but Cena got the last laugh, regaining his strength to throw Styles off the steel stairs and into the commentary table.

John Cena and Alberto Del Rio have a long history together. Most recently, Del Rio made his return at Hell in the Cell 2015, when he defeated Cena to become the United States Champion. In 2013, Del Rio’s 133-day reign as WWE World Heavyweight Championship ended at Hell in the Cell when he was defeated by John Cena. Del Rio and Cena fought again at Survivor Series again the following month, but Del Rio was again defeated by Cena.