WATCH: WWE Fan Runs Into Ring During ‘Monday Night Raw’

During a taping of Monday Night Raw this evening, an audience member ran into the ring in the middle of a promo, forcing Seth Rollins to improvise.

About two hours into the show in Corpus Christi, Texas, Seth Rollins was out in the ring trying to summon The Demon King. He was accusing Finn Balor of being too scared when suddenly Rollins paused and was distracted by something to his left.

The camera remained in a tight shot, but a figure can briefly be seen running up to Rollins as Rollins bats him away. Rollins was thrown off for a few moments by this interruption, and the camera remained in a closeup as security removed the fan from the area.

Moments later, though, Rollins improvised and sarcastically asked if this person who had run into the ring was The Demon King. By the time the show cut to a wide shot, the fan was nowhere to be seen. Video of the full interaction was later posted on Twitter.

For viewers watching the live broadcast, it was unclear exactly what was happening, but reports soon emerged from those in attendance that this was indeed a fan managing to get into the ring. Those who attempt to do this are generally thrown out of the arena and arrested.

This is not the first time Seth Rollins has had to deal with a situation like this. During Rollins’ entrance on an episode of Raw last year, a fan managed to jump over the barricade and walk with Rollins for a few seconds before the camera cut away.

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