Alberto Del Rio Suspended From WWE for Possible Drug Violation

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Alberto Del Rio recently appeared on ‘SmackDown’ to challenge John Cena. (

WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio has been suspended for 30 days after violating the company’s wellness policy.

Del Rio’s suspension goes into effect on August 18th, according to This means he will miss two pay-per-view events: SummerSlam on August 21st and Backlash on September 11. He was not previously scheduled for any SummerSlam matches, though just last night he went up against John Cena on SmackDown.

The circumstances of the violation are still unknown, but the WWE’s wellness policy prohibits the use of any drugs other than those that have been administered by a doctor.

“The Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy prohibits the use of drugs by WWE talent for other than a legitimate medical purpose pursuant to a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician,” the policy reads. “The use of masking agents and/or diuretics to conceal or obscure the use of prohibited drugs is also forbidden.”

However, the wellness policy also stipulates that performers must pass comprehensive medical tests, including a cardiovascular stress test.

This is the second major WWE wellness policy suspension of the summer. Roman Reigns was recently suspended for 30 days as well, and it was rumored that the performer was taking Adderall without a prescription.

This news also comes after rumors that Del Rio might be leaving the company this fall, as he has reportedly been unhappy working for the WWE. His contract expires in October.