WWE Suspends Paige For Possible Drug Violation
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WWE Suspends Paige For Possible Drug Violation

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Paige has been absent from the WWE for several weeks due to an injury. (WWE.com)

WWE superstar Paige has been suspended for 30 days following a violation of the company’s wellness policy.

The news was announced on the WWE’s website on Wednesday evening. No other explanation for the suspension was provided, but it is a violation of the WWE’s wellness policy to use any sort of non-prescription drugs. Performers are also not permitted to drink alcohol within 12 hours of a WWE event.

This news comes just hours after Alberto Del Rio, Paige’s boyfriend and fellow WWE wrestler, was also suspended for 30 days for violating the wellness policy. The timing has lead many to speculate that the two were busted for using drugs at the same time. The news also happened to come on Paige’s birthday, although her suspension does not go into effect until August 18th.

Like Del Rio, Paige will now be missing two pay-per-view events, SummerSlam on August 21st and Backlash on September 11th. She had already been absent from the company for several weeks due to an injury associated with her back. Last month it was reported that there were fears she may have suffered nerve damage.

Paige has been a rising star in the WWE for the past several years. She won the WWE Divas Championship at 21-years-old, making her the youngest person to ever hold that title. She is also the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion ever. Now, she is the first female wrestler to be suspended for a wellness policy violation.

This also makes Paige the third WWE performer to be suspended this summer. Before her and Alberto Del Rio, Roman Reigns was also found to have violated the wellness policy, and he was suspended for 30 days in July. It was rumored that he may have been taking Adderall without a superscription.

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