WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Match Results & Spoilers October 17th

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Goldberg returns on ‘Monday Night Raw’ this week. (WWE.com)

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Goldberg returns to address Brock Lesnar’s recent challenge. Plus, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley must address Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan’s proposal for the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view, and Cesaro and Sheamus have to try to work together in the days leading up to Hell in a Cell. The show will be broadcast from Denver, Colorado at 8:00 p.m. on the USA Network. Read on for match results and spoilers, followed by a preview of the night’s events written earlier this afternoon.

8:00 – Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho enter. Owens says that it has become extremely clear that Mick Foley has a vendetta against him. After all, why else would he force him to risk his career defending his title against an undeserving Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell? Jericho agrees, and he says that being added to Hell in a Cell isn’t a reward because the structure is so destructive. The fact that Owens has to fight in this dangerous match proves that Mick Foley is a stupid idiot, he says.

Jericho says that the only reason he lost to Seth Rollins last week was due to a horrible referee. Therefore, that referee just made the list! Owens adds that in two weeks, he is going to officially retire Seth Rollins.

Right on cue, Seth Rollins enters. He mocks Chris Jericho’s appearance, getting the entire audience to call him “sparkle crotch.” Rollins adds that he should add Owens to the list, considering he failed to help Jericho two weeks in a row. He really gets Jericho riled up, and Jericho says he could beat Rollins any time any place. Rollins says that Denver’s as good a place as any, so why don’t they have a rematch now? Before the match, Chris Jericho asks Kevin Owens to leave so he can beat Rollins on his own.

8:19 Seth Rollins defeats Chris Jericho. Towards the end of the match, as Seth Rollins is on the top rope getting ready to take out Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens enters. Jericho starts to leave the ring, but Rollins jumps down, throws Jericho back into the ring. He nearly gets in a pedigree, but Jericho counters with the Walls of Jericho. Rollins gets out of it and finally successfully executes a pedigree, ending the match.

8:41 – In an interview with Lita, Charlotte says she doesn’t need to prepare for Hell in a Cell because she was born for these moments and she’s a winner. When asked if she took advantage of Sasha Banks’ back injury at SummerSlam, she says that a win is a win, and she’s durable unlike The Boss. She also doesn’t need the support of the audience and doesn’t care that they’re on Sasha’s side.

8:45 The Golden Truth & Mark Henry defeat the Shining Stars & Titus O’Neil.

8:59 – Backstage, Chris Jericho confronts Kevin Owens, saying he specifically asked Owens not to come out to the ring. He comes very close to calling Owens a stupid idiot before stopping himself. They both start yelling at each other before Stephanie McMahon intervenes, saying that Seth Rollins has gotten inside their heads. She says that she needs the two of them on the same team, especially considering she has accepted SmackDown‘s challenge for Survivor Series. 

9:03 – The New Day enters, with Big E prepared to fight to Sheamus. They mock the tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro for being so dysfunctional, calling Sheamus a big pile of steaming garbage.

9:06 Big E fights Sheamus. Throughout the match, Cesaro provides no emotional support for Sheamus, broadcasting live on Facebook instead. Sheamus fighting with Cesaro distracts him enough for Big E to get in the win.

9:22  Bo Dallas defeats Neville. After the match, Bo takes out his rage on Curtis Axel outside of the ring, brutally assaulting him and throwing him into the barricade.

9:34 Dana Brooke defeats Bayley, who is injured after being thrown into the ring post.

9:42 – Paul Heyman says that the challenge to Goldberg was rhetorical. He says that Brock Lesnar doesn’t even think about Goldberg anymore, and Goldberg should just say no to the match, otherwise Lesnar is going to be very angry. If he says yes to the match, Goldberg will be humiliated by Lesnar.

9:50 Braun Strowman defeats a trio of local jobbers. After the match, Strowman yells at Mick Foley for not giving him a real challenge, saying he’s coming backstage right now.

9:55 – Sami Zayn enters, staring down Braun Strowman. Strowman shoves Zayn out of the ring and leaves.

9:59 – Backstage, Sami Zayn says he is picking a fight with Braun Strowman because nobody else will.

10:00 – Rusev enters and says that in two weeks, he’s going to crush Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell. Because Roman Reigns always talks about his family, Rusev presents viewers with photos of his family, including his mother, father, brother, grandmother, and cousins.

Roman Reigns enters, interrupting the family slideshow. He says Rusev looks nothing like his handsome father, looking more like the family dog. Rusev is going to need to call 9-1-1 when Roman is done with him at Hell in a Hell, Roman says. The two of them begin to brawl, and the fight goes outside of the ring, with Rusev hitting Roman with the steel steps. Rusev keeps on assaulting Roman for several minutes, leaving Roman unable to move inside the ring.

10:17 – Big Cass easily defeats Karl Anderson in a match that only lasts about a minute.

10:23 – Backstage, T.J. Perkins confronts Brian Kendrick, who has just made an alliance with Drew Gulak and Tony Nese.

10:30 – In an interview with Lita, Sasha Banks says she’s ready to make history at Hell in a Cell and prove that she’s the best. She says she got a little ahead of herself at SummerSlam, but she’s good to go now and is feeling 100 percent.

10:40 Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese defeat T.J. Perkins, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann after Rich Swann taps out.

10:51 – Backstage, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon decide that next week on Raw, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins will fight in a triple threat match.

10:59 – Goldberg enters, saying he never thought he’d be in the ring again. He says he missed being able to be a superhero for kids all around the world, which he got to do again when promoting the WWE 2k17 video game. He wasn’t sure if he’d return until Brock Lesnar challenged him to a fight, and he says that maybe he has one more match left in him. He officially accepts Lesnar’s challenge, saying that Lesnar will be his last opponent ever.

Next week, Brock Lesnar will appear on Raw to respond to Goldberg.

Last week on Raw, Paul Heyman showed up to speak on behalf of Brock Lesnar, officially challenging Goldberg to a match against Lesnar. This came in response to Goldberg saying in an interview that he wanted to return to the WWE and take on Lesnar. On Twitter shortly after Heyman’s address, Goldberg revealed that he would be appearing on Monday Night Raw on October 17th to respond. What will he say? Is he going to accept Goldberg’s challenge?

Speaking of challenges, on SmackDown Live last week, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon threw down the gauntlet, challenging the Raw brand to three elimination matches at the upcoming Survivor Series. Those matches would include three five-on-fives between the best Raw and SmackDown male superstars, tag teams, and female superstars. Will Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon agree to these terms? Or will they propose something else?

Plus, the anger between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens has been growing more and more intense in recent weeks. On October 10th’s show, Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho, but just barely, with Kevin Owens intervening all throughout the match. Not only will Rollins be upset with Owens, but presumably so will Chris Jericho. After all, Owens and Jericho are supposed to be best friends, yet when Rollins began beating up on Jericho after the match, Owens notably did not help out. Is Jeri-KO about to split?

At Hell in a Hell, Charlotte and Sasha Banks will battle it out for the WWE Women’s Championship, and at the moment, Sasha Banks is feeling quite confident in herself, forcing Charlotte to tap out during matches two weeks in a row. Will Charlotte have the chance to score any victory against The Boss before their history-making match at Hell in a Cell? And will Braun Strowman actually be presented with a worthy opponent this evening, or will he be forced to unleash his wrath on Mick Foley as promised?

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