WWE ‘Raw’: What Happened During That Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar Segment?

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This week on Raw, a segment with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman did not exactly go very well. (WWE.com)

One of the most anticipated segments of last night’s Monday Night Raw ended in complete disaster, with the plug being pulled early after it seemingly did not goes as planned. Just what on Earth happened with the Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman segment?

On October 24th’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the WWE hyped up the return of Brock Lesnar, who would be responding to Goldberg and talking about their upcoming match. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came into the ring towards the conclusion of the show, and Heyman immediately began to berate the audience for cheering for Goldberg instead of Lesnar. The problem? Literally nobody was actually cheering for Goldberg instead of Lesnar.

It seems that this segment was written with the assumption that some members of the crowd would be on Goldberg’s side, or at least that Heyman could turn them on Lesnar by the end. But last night’s Raw was taking place in Brock Lesnar’s hometown of Minneapolis, so of course the entire arena was for Lesnar, and not a single Goldberg fan could be found. Yet as the segment went on, Heyman desperately tried to get the audience to turn on Lesnar to no avail. Finally, he berated them for being enthusiastic about Goldberg, only for that to be undermined when the crowd chanted, “Goldberg sucks!” Heyman finally just dropped the microphone and walked off.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio via Inquisitr, Bryan Alvarez reports that Vince McMahon flipped out backstage as this was happening. He believed that Paul Heyman could successfully get the crowd to cheer Goldberg and boo Lesnar, but the audience just wasn’t having it.

“This whole thing was designed to get the fans to chant for Goldberg, and Paul is pretending that half of the building is chanting for Goldberg, when, at best five percent of the building is chanting for him,” Alvarez observed. “Then the fans started to chant ‘GOLDBERG SUCKS!’ and, what happened is backstage, Vince McMahon blew a gasket, he played Brock’s music, and they just ended it.”

Next week, Goldberg returns for the Halloween edition of Monday Night Raw.

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