WWE Spoilers: Why Did Charlotte Beat Sasha Banks At ‘Hell in a Cell’?

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Charlotte is once again the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. (WWE.com)

At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 30th, Charlotte once again became the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. This title has been constantly bouncing back and forth between her and Sasha Banks, with The Boss winning it a few weeks ago on Raw only to lose it in her hometown of Boston on Sunday. What’s the behind-the-scenes reason for this storyline? What’s the WWE planning here?

Well, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter might have the answer. In the recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio (via Reddit), Meltzer says that the original plan was to have Sasha Banks win at Hell in a Cell and retain the championship. However, that plan was changed because the WWE wanted to begin a Charlotte vs. Bayley feud a bit earlier than expected, and this would require Charlotte to be the Raw Women’s Champion once again.

To some degree this makes sense, especially considering how few women are currently on the Raw brand. If the WWE wants to move on from the Sasha and Charlotte feud, they only have so many options for superstars to give a title shot to. If Sasha retained, Bayley couldn’t go after the title because she and Sasha are both babyfaces, and presumably the WWE did not think other heels like Dana Brooke and Nia Jax were quite ready for the main event yet. There are a lot of passionate fans behind Bayley right now, but that excitement is starting to die down thanks to her excruciatingly boring recent matches with Dana Brooke. Now, it looks like she’ll have more to do to say the least.

If true, this would also lend credence to the theory that the WWE will soon be turning Sasha Banks heel again, perhaps leading up to a Sasha Banks vs. Bayley match at WrestleMania. The WWE could have actually done this earlier, having Sasha Banks win at Hell in a Cell and then begin a feud with Bayley. But perhaps they either aren’t ready for The Boss to turn heel yet, or they want to save this much-anticipated feud for their biggest pay-per-view of the year.

At the moment, fans are split about what the WWE is doing with the Raw Women’s Championship. Some feel that it’s great the way Sasha Banks and Charlotte are being depicted as two equally talented opponents, and so both of them struggle to maintain control of the belt for very long. Others, however, are getting increasingly bored of the constant back and forth and feel like it’s making it less special to see the title change hands since it now seems to happen once every three to four weeks.

Fans were also quite mixed on the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks Hell in a Cell match itself. Although both superstars performed admirably, there were some pretty unfortunate botches, including two separate moments when it seemed Sasha Banks was supposed to break through a table…only the table did not break. The match’s ending was incredibly anticlimactic, so much so that many fans have been speculating that Banks going through the table was meant to be the original finale, but when that didn’t work, they had to improvise and couldn’t quite pull off a better ending.

Charlotte will address a crowd in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday Night Raw tonight, this time as the Raw Women’s champion. If the report about Bayley is true, we’ll almost certainly be seeing her play a big role this evening, and those who “want some Bayley” will be quite satisfied.




I do not want to watch Bayley fight Charlotte. Bayley is almost anorexic skinny, zero muscle, and butt ugly in the face. Sure WWE is moving away from hiring ex models who cannot wrestle now, but they still have to look like they could realisticly beat someone else over 70 pounds. I could beat up Bayley and I am no athlete. Charlotte on the other hand would kick my butt into the pavement. She looks stronger. WWE must begin hiring different women for this revolution to work. Hire Kharma back NOW. Get some who could rival Chyna or Beth. Get Tamina back and actually allow her to train well and wrestle someone her size. There is no realistic way a Bayley size woman could even hurt, let alone beat, a yes its scripted, but it MUST appear feasable. Get some strong looking women in there now! This is the womans division now! It is no linger the Bellas and a couple other models jumping around, catering to drooling men rather than wresting fans of all gender and ages! I am a woman, who loved wresting since age 9, and 40 now. Men and women both. Women! (Not Divas). Kharma rebelled against it way back before it was the new thing, she wanted to be a superstar in WWE, not a silly diva. She got pregnany at an awful moment, but hey, that was years back, hire her BACK WWE!! Because someone needs to shake up this womens division a little further still. Much improved, but not far enough yet. Let all women do everything the guys do and I mean all- jump off the cage onto floor, use weapons and bleed sometimes, get in actual backstage brawls with trash cans etc. Do high risk moved daily. THEN I will actually believe they want it equal.


This aint the Attitude Era. And to your comment that Bay couldn’t beat Charlotte, she choked Nia freakin Jax out!

Brandi (@Brandi0578)

Ok . . . Ignorant comment of the night! First, have you seen Kharma lately? She is in no shape to return to the ring. Second, have you seen Sasha Banks? Last I checked, she was just a slip of a female. Super tiny, yet she still beat Charlotte. Third, I would LOVE to see you get in the ring with someone who has been training as long as Bayley! Please God, can you make this happen??
Third, Bayley has beat Charlotte a few times. Bayley has beat Sasha a few times. Best match of the year last year in NXT. Bayley has beat Nia a few times. Bayley has never wanted to be a silly diva. I think she is in the top 3 talented women on the roster, both brands.
Im pretty sure I saw the women doing the same things the men do Sunday night . . . Unless I was watching the wrong network. That was a brutal match . . . And I, for one, believe that Bayley could have replaced either woman and it still have been brutal.
Charlotte is boring. I want to eat glass whenever I hear her voice. Bayley does a good job doing what WWE wants her to do . . . Play the lovable underdog who comes out on top when it matters.
Better get your tissues out and some fries to go with all that Salt pouring out of you . . . Cause Bayley will be around for a long time to come.
Oh, and sitting behind a computer screen hiding your face, yet calling someone butt ugly? Pathetic.


I can see one of Sasha’s trademark storyline tv and ppv disappearances coming to cover her removal from the title scene.

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