Chapecoense Plane Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team’s plane has crashed on its way to Medellin, killing 75 people and leaving only five to six survivors, including three players who were pulled alive from the wreckage.

CNN called the team “South America’s Cinderella” and said the tragic crash ended a “fairytale” season. Eighty-one people were on board, said The Washington Post.

The plane fell off radar just after 10 p.m. on Monday, November 28, and was carrying the team and journalists.

Tributes to the team and grief poured out on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Plane May Have Run Out of Fuel or Had Electrical Problems, Early Reports Said

The wreckage of the LAMIA airlines charter plane carrying members of the Chapecoense Real football team that crashed is seen in the mountains of Cerro Gordo, municipality of La Union, on November 29, 2016. (Getty)

The wreckage of the LAMIA airlines charter plane carrying members of the Chapecoense Real football team that crashed is seen in the mountains of Cerro Gordo, municipality of La Union, on November 29, 2016. (Getty)

According to the UK Mirror, the plane crashed because of lack of fuel. However, the UK Daily Mail said the plane crash’s cause was still undetermined, saying, “The plane crashed in Colombia after taking off from a Bolivian airport. It is not yet known what caused the crash.”

UK Telegraph said electrical problems might have caused the plane to plummet from the sky.

There were also reports of bad weather in the area.

2. Five or Six People Survived the Crash, Including Some of the Players

The UK Daily Mail said that emergency personnel were having a difficult time reaching the scene of the crash because of “steep terrain.”

CNN said one of those who survived was Defender Alan Ruschel. The UK Telegraph said a goalkeeper, Jakson Follmann, survived, as well as “a member of the team’s delegation” and a flight attendant. Player Helio Neto reportedly also survived after being pulled from the wreckage at a point when it was believed there were no more survivors.

It wasn’t initially clear how many people had died, and initial reports of injuries were inconsistent. Even on the morning of November 29, reports varied as to how many people had survived. CNN said there were six survivors, but the BBC said seven people were taken to the hospital but two have since died, including the team’s goalkeeper.

The Spanish language site Zona Deportiva initially said the plane was carrying 79 people and 9 crew members. The site said there were survivors, but they might only number between five and 10 people.

One report said “The goalkeeper Danilo is the second player that already is being treated in the hospital #Chapecoense.” However, the BBC said Dinilo, whose real name was Marcos Padilha, was one of those who died at the hospital. UK Daily Mail said he was able to call and speak to his wife before he died from his injuries.

Another report said a flight attendant was also taken to the hospital.

Another Twitter report said, “Alan Russell (Ruschel) player of @ChapecoenseReal suffered multiple fractures, among them split of hips. Via @Telemedellin.”

Survivor reports varied widely; other reports estimated there were 15 survivors. Local media reported, “Currently there are 15 survivors of the accident at the @ChapecoenseReal club. Via @rcnradio.”

3. The Players Were Captured in an Eerie Video Waiting to Board the Flight

A video showed the players as they waited to board what for some of them might have been a final flight. The team had posted the live video on Facebook.

Photos posted to Twitter showed scenes of the wreckage and crash site.

4. The Team Was Supposed to Play in the Copa Sudamerica Final

Zona Deportiva said the team was flying to Colombia “to play a historic match” Wednesday, November 30 against Medellin Atletico Nacional. The video above captured the team in a recent celebration, according to the Twitter page of Andres Felipe.

The match has been suspended. The president of Brazil has announced three days of mourning.

5. Local Residents Were Asked to Help Move the Injured

Authorities asked local residents to assist in taking injured people to the hospital in their SUVs, said Zona Deportiva.

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