NFL Playoff Picture: Standings & Wild Card After Week 9

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November football means most teams know where they stand. And if they don’t like it, they might be ready to make a change.

Offensive coordinators have been the scapegoats this season, as three different teams have changed their OC through 9 weeks. The Vikings and Jaguars joined the Bills in that group this season, and both teams showed different looks with new coaches running their respective offenses.

Those changes have a large impact on the playoff race, as both teams aim to play meaningful football in the winter. The Jaguars may be 2-5 heading into Sunday, but they finish the season with three consecutive division games. The Vikings have cooled after a hot start, but are still in the driver’s seat in the NFC North.

For a full list of NFL tiebreaking procedures, click here.

Here’s how the early playoff standings look right now:

AFC Seeding

The Division Leaders:

1. New England Patriots — 7-1
2. Oakland Raiders — 7-2
3. Pittsburgh Steelers — 4-4
4. Houston Texans — 5-3

The Wild Card Contenders:

5. Kansas City Chiefs — 6-2
6. Denver Broncos — 6-3
7. Buffalo Bills — 4-4
8. Miami Dolphins — 4-4

Potential Wild Card Matchups:

Chiefs at Texans

Broncos at Steelers

NFC Seeding

The Division Leaders:

1. Dallas Cowboys — 7-1
2. Minnesota Vikings — 5-3
3. Seattle Seahawks — 4-2-1
4. Atlanta Falcons — 6-3

The Wild Card Contenders:

5. New York Giants — 5-3
6. Green Bay Packers — 4-4
7. Philadelphia Eagles — 4-4

Potential Wild Card Matchups:

Packers at Seahawks

Giants at Falcons

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