Tony Romo Trade News & Rumors: Top 5 Best Teams for Romo in 2017

There's been no bigger story in the NFL during the 2016 season than the Dallas Cowboys quarterback situation. When Tony Romo read his heartfelt letter reluctantly relinquishing control of the team to rookie Dak Prescott, it felt a bit like he was reading his two weeks notice. Not that Romo would quit on the Cowboys, but he made it clear he still has the ability to play football. Cowboys fans thinking Romo is going to be content being the backup quarterback past this season are seeing things a bit idealistically. Romo would need to agree to being the long-term backup to Prescott as well as a pay cut on his $14 million 2017 salary for this scenario to be viable. It remains to be seen what the market for a 36-year-old quarterback would be, especially one who has not been able to stay on the field the past two seasons.

If the Vikings were willing to part with a first round pick for a rental of Sam Bradford, chances are Romo can get that and more despite the risk involved with the acquisition. Despite Jerry Jones publicly backing Romo staying with the Cowboys, chances are the two parties will agree to part ways after the season. NFL Network reported the Cowboys would likely trade Romo to a desired destination rather than release him. With that in mind, Heavy put together a list of the top teams that make the most sense as potential trade partners. Click the arrow on the right side of the above image to see the best landing spots for Tony Romo. (Getty)