New York Giants Playoff Chances: Seeding & Potential Matchups Week 17

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The New York Giants are returning to the playoffs, locking down the fifth seed last week despite the loss to Philadelphia. Entering their final game, the Giants can’t affect their standings with a win. They can however, send one of their rivals home for the season with one last victory on Sunday.

For the Giants, the biggest question will be their first round opponent. As the fifth seed, the Giants are guaranteed a road game against the NFC division champions with the worst record.

Giants fans have three games to keep their eyes on, and we’ll break it down after a look at the standings:

NFC Seeding

The Division Leaders:

1. Dallas Cowboys — 13-2
2. Atlanta Falcons — 10-5
3. Seattle Seahawks — 9-5-1
4. Green Bay Packers — 9-6

The Wild Card Contenders:

5. New York Giants — 10-5
6. Detroit Lions — 9-6
7. Washington Redskins — 8-6-1
8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 8-7
9. Minnesota Vikings — 7-8

***The Cowboys have clinched home-field advantage and NFC East
**The Seahawks have clinched the NFC West
**The Falcons have clinched the NFC South
*The Giants have clinched a Wild Card spot

Potential Wild Card Matchups:

Lions at Seahawks

Giants at Packers

For a full list of NFL tiebreaking procedures, click here.

Current position: 5TH in NFC, clinched playoff berth

Remaining schedule: at Redskins

Game One: Seahawks-49ers

If the 49ers beat the Seahawks, then the Giants will travel to Seattle for the Wild Card round. If not, move to Game Two.

Game Two: Falcons-Saints

Falcons-Saints will determine if Atlanta clinches a first-round bye. If the 49ers beat Seattle, then the Giants won’t know their opponent until after Sunday Night Football. Regardless of outcome, move on to Game Three.

Game Three: Packers-Lions

If the Falcons and Lions win, the Giants will play the Lions.

If the Falcons and Packers win, the Giants will play the Packers.

If the Saints and Lions win, the Giants will play the Falcons.

If the Saints and Packers win, the Giants will play the Packers.

Remember: none of the four above scenarios matter if the 49ers beat the Seahawks. See you in the playoffs.