The Best WWE Matches of 2016 (Part 2)

Extreme Rules 2016 Fatal Four Way

Check out our 2nd collection of the best WWE matches that graced our screens in 2016!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Fatal Four Way (Extreme Rules)

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Taken from Match Review: Our high expectations for this Fatal Four Way match were certainly met. Title matches like this are proof of just how more important that IC Championship currently is. All four men finally woke up the crowd with an amazing match. All four combatants looked amazing as they shared holds and cut off each other at every chance. Zayn laid in some beautiful Helluva Kicks, Cesaro went on an European Uppercut rampage, we saw a Tower of Doom spot, Owens picked his spots carefully and big suplexes were handed out. Every portion of this title match were entertaining to watch from start to finish. There were points during this match where it looked like either of the four men could walk away with the title. But after a Helluva Kick KO’d Cesaro, Miz sneaked in and got the win behind Zayn and Owens’ backs. This is a definite Match of the Year candidate.

Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles (Extreme Rules)

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Taken from Match Review: While we enjoyed this main event, we don’t think it was that much better than Reigns and AJ’s previous encounter. But still, this ended the Extreme Rules evening on a high note. Both Superstars struck each other down all over the arena and used their trademark moves in a myriad of interesting ways. AJ got slammed through two announce tables, Reigns got dropped with two Styles Clashes, both men’s support crew came out for a brawl and more mayhem ensued. This Extreme Rules match took great advantage of the lack of rules thrown at it. AJ looked great and so did Reigns (even though the crowd still crapped all over him after he did something worth cheering for). The final moment (AJ jumping right into a devastating Spear while midair) was awesome. This was a pretty fun main event. And Seth Rollins’s shocking comeback was just the cherry on top.

The Revival vs. American Alpha (NXT TakeOver: The End)

American Alpha vs. The Revival – NXT Tag Team Title Match: NXT TakeOver: The End… on WWE NetworkDash Wilder & Scott Dawson regain the NXT Tag Team Championships from Jason Jordan & Chad Gable: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit the ALL-NEW

It’s crazy to see how far The Revival have come. During their starting stages of NXT dominance, they didn’t garner much of a reaction from the crowd. They were looked down upon as relics who were devoid of anything remotely entertaining. Cut to 2016 and now they’re one of the best best tag teams currently making their mark on the wrestling scene. They had a bunch of classics this year, which is why we’re going to make sure to mention their big showdown with American Alpha at NXT TakeOver: The End. Both of these standout duos put on another amazing contest in their series of championship bouts. The near falls had us on the edge of our seat and it could have gone either way. Gable’s midair belly to belly suplex was mind blowing, wasn’t it? AA dropped the straps to The Revival, but they made sure to fight valiantly before they lost them. This match is proof that NXT tag team action is better than most.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena (Money in the Bank)

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Taken from Match Review: After being forced to sit through a series of matches that were purely letdowns, this dream match showed up just in time to make us sit at the edge of our seats. AJ was as his best heel persona and Cena showed up in his working boots. The back and forth action between both men was full of moments where they taunted each other and basked in the adoration of the crowd. This was a story of AJ’s quickness vs. Cena’s heart. AJ looked amazing as he cut off Cena during his signature comeback several times. And we have to commend Cena as he fought hard to stay in the fight. Us and the live crowd came unglued when he finally landed an AA. The finish may have sullied the match in everyone else’s eyes, but we have nothing to complain about. AJ may not have won clean, but all that matters is he won.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Money in the Bank)

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Taken from Match Review: Two back to back awesome performances is a rare occurrence in the WWE. But we got it on this wild evening. Money in the Bank Ladder Matches rarely disappoint and this was the story here. There were so many insane moments to list here. The ones that made us stand up with our heads atop our heads involved ladder insanity. Zayn got Powerbombed atop one, ADR used his Double Foot Stomp to crash through Cesaro and Y2J even got the Dirty Deeds treatment while his legs was atop a ladder. When all six men were atop ladders and beating each other to a pulp, we truly lost our minds. Cesaro hopping off a ladder and bouncing off the ropes to land an European Uppercut on Owens made our jaws drop. The man we picked to win won! This MITB Ladder Match exceeded our expectations. All six men put on an amazing performance.