WATCH: Broncos & Titans Fight After Cheap Hit On Chris Harris

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When Harry Douglas tried to clip the wings of the “No Fly Zone,” things got ugly in Nashville.

In the first half of Sunday’s contest between the Broncos and Titans, Titans wideout Harry Douglas made a low block on Broncos corner Chris Harris Jr. It wasn’t so much as a low block as a deliberate attempt to take out Harris’ knee.

Harris was downed by the hit, but was back covering Douglas two plays later.

It wasn’t immediate, but the Broncos didn’t take long to strike back. Aqib Talib went after Douglas, and what resulted was a massive scuffle on the Titans sidelines.

After the teams were separated, Talib was called for a personal foul on Douglas. Expect fines for Douglas and Talib, along with some more names after the NFL watches the scuffle more closely. The Titans went on to win 13-10.

Despite being one of the league’s most physical corners, Aqib Talib has only been suspended once for on-field incidents on his career, now in it’s tenth season. He served a one-game suspension in 2014 after poking the eye of Dwayne Allen. He was, however, fined for two personal fouls committed in Super Bowl 50.

After the game, Talib didn’t mince words when talking about the incident:

In case you can’t listen to the audio, here’s what Talib said: