WWE Paige Update: Superstar’s Suspension Ends This Week

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When will WWE superstar Paige return to ‘Monday Night Raw’? (WWE.com)

WWE superstar Paige is just days away from the end of her suspension. But will she be returning to the WWE anytime soon?

Saraya-Jade Bevis was suspended for 60 days in early October. This was due to her second violation of the company’s wellness policy; Paige’s father claimed she was simply taking prescription medication for a neck injury, but the WWE released a statement saying that she tested positive for an illegal substance.

That suspension is officially up on Friday, December 9th, but it is extremely unlikely that Paige will return anytime in the immediate future. For one, she underwent serious neck surgery at the end of October, a procedure that usually takes wrestlers out of action for between six to nine months. With that time frame, the earliest realistic return date for her would be April 2017, the same month as WrestleMania. 

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But it’s also not a guarantee that Paige will return even then due to her recent conflicts with WWE management. In 2016, Paige began a public relationship with her coworker, Alberto Del Rio, something that evidently made the company upset and lead them to attempt to split the two up. At one point, Paige had reportedly hired legal representation and the company was prepared to fire her before having a “change of heart.”

Paige also posted several very angry tweets following her second suspension, accusing the WWE of not treating her fairly.

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The WWE has not been known to respond very well to this sort of outburst, and her father, Ricky Knight, did not have anything much kinder to say, as he accused the WWE of not giving his daughter the care she needed. It was also rumored that the WWE did not want Paige to undergo neck surgery but that she did it anyway, ignoring what she was being told by the WWE’s doctors.

Paige last appeared on WWE programming in June, prior to the company’s brand extension. She has since become engaged to Alberto Del Rio, who is no longer working with the WWE.