Antonio Brown’s Cleats: Best Custom Designs of 2016

Antonio Brown hasn’t just been dominating the NFL over the last two years: He’s been doing it with style. Whether it’s flashy catches or viral touchdown celebrations, the camera is drawn to Antonio Brown.

This year has been extra flashy, as Brown has been showing off custom cleats throughout the 2016 regular season. It’s a collaboration between him and Corey Pane, the custom artist that has been painting Brown’s cleats all season.

Brown came into the league in 2010, and that’s around the time he met the artist from West Hartford. Pane doesn’t have a business painting custom cleats, but he may need to expand after all the coverage he’s received this season.

It started with blue cleats in Week One, for which Brown was fined $9,000. Pane said that Brown "liked it and wanted to keep a different vibe going every week.” So the pair kept working on shoes, regardless of if the NFL allowed it.

He wore custom cleats again two weeks later, only for the NFL to demand that Brown change his cleats at halftime. Brown and Pane kept the collaboration going, but resolved to only wear the cleats during pre game warmups.

Take a look at Pane’s best work over the season, ranked by me with photos by Getty:

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