Dolphins vs. Steelers: Primanti Bros. Ban Fish For Wild Card Weekend

Pittsburgh’s most famous sandwich shop is supporting their Steelers in a unique way.

Primanti Brothers, purveyors of sandwiches since 1933, are instituting a ban on fish this weekend for all 37 of their locations. Using the hashtag #NoFishFriday, the restaurant is spreading the word that they are taking fish off the menu through the weekend.

Primanti Brothers started as just a food cart in ’33, and has grown to become a local favorite. Their style is unique: all sandwiches, unless otherwise requested, are topped with french fries, cole slaw and tomato.

To be fair, Primanti’s doesn’t specialize in fish sandwiches. There is a sardine sandwich, a tuna sandwich, and a fried fish sandwich on the menu, but they make up a small number of the protein options.

And while we love the enthusiasm, isn’t it worth pointing out that Dolphins are mammals?

The Steelers host the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. Eastern. Check out the full Primanti’s menu here.

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1 Comment


I love the “take no prisoners” attitude of Steelers fans. That’s a community that supports its team through thick and thin. Go to any bank, post office, supermarket, etc., in Pittsburgh during playoff season and all the employees will be decked out in black and gold. In residential neighborhoods people will have their houses decorated. It’s amazing.

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