WATCH: Falcons Fan Runs Onto Field Against Seahawks

Early in the fourth quarter of the Atlanta Falcons‘ NFC Divisional round game against the Seattle Seahawks, a Falcons fan ran onto the field with a sign that appeared to say “Go Falcons, Jesus Saves.”

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The unidentified fan tried to juke his way out of getting tackled by security officers, but was tackled around the 20-yard line by about three officers and escorted through the hallway and presumably was booked in the stadium’s holding cell. He was also scurried off by the Falcons’ mascot, “Freddie Falcon.”

The Falcons didn’t seem to need the fan’s assistance in the game, though, as they beat the Seahawks 36-20 in the game.

It definitely isn’t the first time a fan has ran onto the field in Atlanta. In 2014, a “fan” ran onto the field at the Georgia Dome and was tackled by Freddie Falcon. Although it’s unclear if the incident was staged by the Falcons’ event management team.