Texans Next Game: Playoff Date, Time & TV Info

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The Texans are moving on in the NFL Playoffs, advancing by defeating the Raiders 27-14. It’s on to the divisional round for only the third time in franchise history, where the Texans will play either the Chiefs or Patriots.

With either result, things don’t look good for Houston. The Texans have been eliminated by either KC or New England every year they’ve been in the playoffs, and they’ll have to go on the road no matter what. The Texans defeated the Chiefs on the opening week of the season, but were beaten by Jacoby Brissett and the Patriots just a few weeks later.

Here’s how to figure out who the Texans are playing:

If The Dolphins Beat The Steelers

The Texans go to Kansas City. That game would be on Sunday, January 15 at 1:05 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

If The Steelers Beat The Dolphins

The Texans, very likely, are Foxboro-bound. The Texans would play the Patriots on Saturday, January 14 at 8:15 p.m. on CBS.

With either result, the Texans are going to have to choose a starting quarterback. Brock Osweiler was benched in favor of Tom Savage, but a concussion forced Osweiler into action against Oakland. If Savage clears concussion protocol, Texans coach Bill O’Brien will have a big decision to make.

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ITS A BLIZZARD UP HERE IN Boston area now and feels like Alaska how a Southen team gonna handle this especially a team that plays in a stadium indoors when they can shut the roof when the weathers bad like Texans and Cowboys have

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