Boxer Victor Ortiz Charged With DUI: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

victor ortiz dui

Professional boxer Victor Ortiz was charged for a DUI in September in which he allegedly had a .15 BAC. (Getty)

Professional boxer and “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Victor Ortiz was formally charged with two misdemeanor counts of DUI, stemming from an arrest in September, according to TMZ.

According to TMZ’s report, officials in Ventura County, California said Ortiz had a blood alcohol content of more than .15 when police pulled him over in a BMW around 7 p.m. on Sept. 24. Because of the ordeal happening in California, a “special allegation” was issued, meaning a harsher penalty could be given if he’s convicted of the two charges.

Ortiz has had many ups and downs throughout his career, and here’s what you need to know about the 29 year old:

1. Ortiz And His Brother Were Arrested For Battery at a Kenny Chesney Concert

In 2015, Ortiz attended a Kenny Chesney concert in Pasadena and was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

According to TMZ, Ortiz and his brother were at the Rose Bowl to see the concert and got into a verbal argument with another man. The website said that things quickly turned physical and the victim was on the ground when Victor kicked him.

Both of the Ortiz brothers were arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon and Victor was released on $30,000 bail.

Months later, the Pasadena district attorney rejected the felony case. However, the case still went to court under misdemeanor charges and in October 2016, Ortiz pled guilty to a battery charge stemming from the fight. The victim had said Ortiz and his brother came out of nowhere and knocked him down, beating him unconscious.

Both of the Ortiz brothers avoided jail time, instead getting three years probation. Because of the penalty, Ortiz’s recent DUI charges could lead to jail time if his probation is revoked.

2. Ortiz Appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” in 2013 And Starred in Two Movies

Ortiz has had his time in Hollywood over the years. He took part in the 16th season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and was paired with professional partner Lindsay Arnold.

The pair didn’t last too long on the show, however, as they were the fourth couple eliminated on the sixth week of the competition.

The time on DWTS helped Ortiz land a role on 2014’s “The Expendables 3.” He starred in the film alongside veteran actors Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford and many others.

Victor Ortiz Movie

From left to right, actors Glen Powell, Victor Ortiz, Antonio Banderas, Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone attend “The Expendables 3” premiere. (Getty)

Ortiz was also in the 2015 boxing movie “Southpaw,” which featured Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams.

3. Ortiz Got Knocked Out by Floyd Mayweather in a Controversial Finish

victor ortiz floyd mayweather

Victor Ortiz, left, takes a knockout punch from Floyd Mayweather during a boxing match. (Getty)

In one of the most controversial finishes of Floyd Mayweather’s career, Ortiz took on Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in 2011 for Ortiz’s WBC Welterweight title.

From the beginning, Mayweather controlled the match, repeatedly tagging Ortiz with jabs and uppercuts for three rounds until Ortiz found momentum in the fourth round. He got a few shots in on Mayweather before pulling the boxer into the corner. The referee called a timeout and Ortiz lost a point for the foul.

When the fight was set to resume, Ortiz got near Mayweather and attempted to apologize and hug Mayweather. Following the ordeal, Ortiz put his hands down, failing to protect his face and Mayweather took advantage, propelling a strong left hook and right hand directly to Ortiz’s chin, dropping him to the mat and knocking him out.

Following the fight, Mayweather said:

“In the ring, you have to protect yourself at all times,” Mayweather said. “After it happened, we touched gloves and we were back to fighting and then I threw the left hook and right hand after the break. You just gotta protect yourself at all times.”

He promised Ortiz a rematch, but it never happened.

Ortiz has been boxing since he was a teenager and turned pro in 2005. The 29-year-old boxer has a record of 31-6-2, with 31 of the victories coming by way of knockout. His most recent match was in April when he got knocked out by Andre Berto.

4. Victor Grew Up in Foster Care

Ortiz and his siblings were raised in Garden City, Kansas. He’s the third of four kids in his family and is the child of Mexican parents. When he was 7 years old, his mom abandoned the family. Ortiz’s father was an alcoholic, who often beat his children after his wife left him.

In an interview, Victor was vocal about his relationship with his mom, saying:

“I hated that lady. I drew her a card once with a little rose on it and I gave it to her. She just threw it down and said ‘What do I want that shit for?’ That’s when I picked up boxing. Then my Dad started screwing up, drinking.”

Five years after their mom left, the Ortiz family’s dad left, leaving Victor and his siblings to live in the Kansas foster care system when he was 12.

In 2002, his eldest sister turned 18 and Victor and one of his brothers moved with hermoved with her to Denver, Colorado.

5. Ortiz Has a Net Worth of Over $7 Million

Actor Kellan Lutz, left, and Ortiz joke around as they attend a UFC event in 2014. (Getty)

Actor Kellan Lutz, left, and Ortiz joke around as they attend a UFC event in 2014. (Getty)

Ortiz has compiled a lot of money through purses in his boxing career, including earning $750K when he fought Berto and $2 million when he fought Mayweather.

According to The Richest, Ortiz’s current net worth hovers around $7 million.