DraftKings NASCAR Lineup: Daytona 500 2017 Ideal Picks

DFS may not be as popular with stock car racing as it is with other sports, but there's no question that daily fantasy racing is quickly growing. And if you haven't joined the movement, the Daytona 500, otherwise known as the Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing, is perfect time to get acclimated. Before I get into my ideal picks for Sunday's race, it's worth taking a look at the scoring if you're new to DFS NASCAR. While drivers are awarded points for finishing position, they also get a bonus for place differential. This means that (without counting fastest-lap or laps-led bonuses) a driver who starts 30th and finishes fifth (14 points for finishing position and 25-point bonus for place differential) will score the same amount someone who starts on the pole but finishes third (41 points for finishing position but negative-two for place differential). This brings in a compelling strategical aspect. Drivers near the back obviously have more potential, while drivers near the front present much more risk. That said, if you have faith that someone near the front is going to do well, you shouldn't completely fade them. Chase Elliott, for example, started Thursday night's first Can-Am Duel in the pole position, but because he won and led for 25 laps, he collected well over 50 DK points, which was certainly valuable for his price. Simply put, there's a lot that goes into the strategy for DFS NASCAR, and with all that in mind, you can click through the gallery for my ideal Daytona 500 DraftKings lineup, or you can head here for even more analysis and picks. (Getty)

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