Premier League Table: BPL Standings After Week 24

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While Chelsea continue to cruise at the top, it’s getting tight for the defending Premier League champions.

Leicester City, who visit Sevilla for a Champions League knockout stage match in two weeks, are just a few points above relegation after 24 weeks. It’s the worst start to a title defense by any reigning champion at the top level of English football. They haven’t scored yet in 2017.

If Leicester’s scoring woes weren’t enough, three of the league’s bottom four teams earned victories this week. That puts extra pressure on the Foxes to perform at home on Sunday, where they have won the majority of their points this season.

Arsenal losing at Stamford Bridge isn’t a shock, but they really need Arsene Wenger back on the sidelines. The Gunners have two losses halfway through their manager’s four-game ban, and are now a full 12 points behind Chelsea for the league lead.

Let’s take a look at all 20 clubs, with their recent form through Sunday:

1. Chelsea

Points: 59
Record: 19-2-3
Last Five: LWWDW
Next Fixture: Burnley

2. Tottenham Hotspur

Points: 50
Record: 14-8-2
Last Five: WWDDW
Next Fixture: Liverpool

3. Arsenal

Points: 47
Record: 14-5-5
Last Five: DWWLL
Next Fixture: Southampton

4. Liverpool

Points: 46
Record: 13-7-4
Last Five: DDLDL
Next Fixture: Tottenham

5. Manchester City

Points: 49
Record: 15-4-5
Last Five: WLDWW
Next Fixture: Bournemouth

6. Manchester United

Points: 44
Record: 12-9-3
Last Five: WWDDW
Next Fixture: Watford

7. Everton

Points: 40
Record: 11-7-6
Last Five: WWWDW
Next Fixture: Middlesbrough

8. West Bromwich Albion

Points: 36
Record: 10-6-8
Last Five: WLWDW
Next Fixture: West Ham

9. West Ham United

Points: 31
Record: 9-4-11
Last Five: LWWLW
Next Fixture: West Bromwich Albion

10. Watford

Points: 30
Record: 8-6-10
Last Five: LDDWW
Next Fixture: Manchester United

11. Stoke City

Points: 29
Record: 7-8-9
Last Five: WWDDL
Next Fixture: Crystal Palace

12. Burnley

Points: 29
Record: 9-2-13
Last Five: LWLWL
Next Fixture: Chelsea

13. Southampton

Points: 27
Record: 7-6-11
Last Five: LLWLL
Next Fixture: Arsenal

14. Bournemouth

Points: 26
Record: 7-5-12
Last Five: DLDLL
Next Fixture: Manchester City

15. Middlesbrough

Points: 21
Record: 4-9-11
Last Five: DDLDL
Next Fixture: Everton

16. Leicester City

Points: 21
Record: 5-6-13
Last Five: DLLLL
Next Fixture: Swansea City

17. Swansea City

Points: 21
Record: 6-3-15
Last Five: WLWWL
Next Fixture: Leicester City

18. Hull City

Points: 20
Record: 5-5-14
Last Five: LWLDW
Next Fixture: Arsenal

19. Crystal Palace

Points: 19
Record: 5-4-15
Last Five: LLLWL
Next Fixture: Stoke City

20. Sunderland

Points: 19
Record: 5-4-15
Last Five: DLLDW
Next Fixture: Southampton