Julio Jones’ Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Many NFL receivers are known for being outspoken and in front of the camera. That is not Julio Jones. Julio may tower over defenders at 6’3″ and 220 pounds, but the Atlanta Falcons receiver prefers to keep his words to a minimum. He has a close inner circle that is built around his family and hometown of Foley, Alabama.

Julio’s mother, Queen Marvin, has been there for her son long before the Falcons traded five picks to move up to select Julio with the sixth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

In addition to his mother, Julio is close to his older brother, Phillip Jones. The three of them have been through a lot, but it has paid off as Julio has ascended to be one of the top receivers in the NFL.

Here is what you need to know about Julio’s family.

1. Julio Is From Foley, Alabama

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Julio has had success on the football field for a long time, but it all started in a small town in Alabama. Julio is from Foley, a small town on the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Alabama. He had a stellar career at Foley High School. According to AL.com, he was named All-State two times, made the Parade All-American team and was named Alabama’s Mr. Football. Julio was also a track and field star winning the long-jump and triple-jump championships two times.

There was a reason Julio was coveted by Alabama and other top college football programs. According to Rivals, Julio was a five-star recruit, the highest a player can receive. He was ranked as the top wide receiver in the country and the fourth overall prospect in the nation. Julio committed to Alabama over schools like Florida, Florida State and Oklahoma.

Julio spoke with AL.com about his love for Foley.

“It’s great just to be able to be represented by someone that’s not doing other things and giving Foley a bad rep. But they always supported me through my accomplishments through college and, obviously, here [Atlanta Falcons],” Julio told AL.com.

2. Queen Marvin Was a Single Mother for the Majority of Julio’s Childhood

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According to the USA Today, Julio’s father left the family when he was five years old. While Julio stays in contact with his father, it is his mother who he is closest with.

His father’s absence put a lot of pressure on Queen to provide for her two sons. She worked long hours at a fast food restaurant to provide for her family. Julio spoke with AL.com about the influence of his mother on his life.

“She was strict, but she was just trying to teach me right from wrong. The neighborhood I came from, there was a lot of violence and people selling dope. She just tried to keep me straight and keep me level-headed,” Julio told AL.com.

He had a goal to help better his family’s situation, and it was Julio’s talent on the football field along with his mother’s support that made it happen. Queen spoke about Julio’s determination to USA Today.

“He told me on the day his daddy left, when he was 5 years old, that it was all going to be OK. He was going to be a football player and everything was going to be OK for us,” Queen told USA Today.

3. Julio’s Brother, Phillip, Lost His Arm After a Gunshot Wound in 2014

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Julio is very close with his older brother, Phillip, who attends many of the Falcons games to cheer on his brother. According to FOX 10, Phillip was having a disagreement with a woman when a witness tried to intervene. The report noted a shotgun was accidentally fired. According to the USA Today, Phillip had to have his left arm surgically removed.

Queen spoke with the USA Today about the bond between the two brothers.

“It has been difficult for [Phillip] to deal with. When he looks back and his arm is not there, it is hard just like it would be for anybody and it is hard not to get down about it. It is hard for me to see it too because he is my son. But when Julio plays like that it lifts him up. They are brothers and they were always together. You can see what it does for him when Julio makes a run and a catch or something like that. It makes him happy and it makes all of us happy. He can feed off the excitement a little bit,” Queen Marvin told the USA Today.

4. His Real Name Is Quintorris Lopez Jones

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Julio Jones was a standout college football player at Alabama. (Getty)

While most football fans know him as Julio, it is a nickname he was given in middle school. According to AL.com, his real name is Quintorris Lopez Jones.

There was a rumor that circulated during his time at Alabama that the name Julio came from his mother’s desire to honor a friend who had passed away. However, Queen informed Vice Sports this was not true.

Julio spoke with AL.com about his legal name.

“It [Julio] stuck with me. It’s really no big deal to me. I like Quintorris. It means ‘Gladiator,'” Julio told AL.com.

Since entering the league, Julio has another nickname. A former player he was training with gave him the nickname “Jet”. Since then, Julio often puts his arms out like a jet after he scores a touchdown.

5. Julio’s Mother Was Expecting a Girl

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Julio Jones was selected 6th by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2011 NFL Draft. (Getty)

Part of the reason for Julio’s birth name was Queen was expecting a girl. She explained the situation to Vice Sports.

“The reason I gave him Quintorris is because they told me he was going to be a girl. He wasn’t a girl, and my name is Queen, so I gave him Quintorris,” she told Vice Sports.

Given Julio is quiet and keeps to himself, the name meaning “gladiator” did not seem to fit. Julio’s high school football coach Todd Watson explained to Vice Sports that his humbleness comes from his mother.

“She’s a very good lady. Hard-working lady. And I would say that’s probably where he got some of his work ethic from. She was going to do everything she could to give him the best opportunity to be successful,” Watson told Vice Sports.

Luckily, Julio has never been too far from home. Julio played college ball at the University of Alabama which is about a four-hour drive from Foley. Queen has a bit farther trip to see her son play in Atlanta. From Foley, it is about a five-hour drive to downtown Atlanta where the Falcons play their home games. She explained to Vice Sports that she has been fortunate to be near her son.

“It’s a blessing out of the sky. He’s closer to me. I don’t have to go way across the country to see him. But if I had to I would. I’m going to be there for him,” Queen told Vice Sports.