Lexi Allen, Nate Solder’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nate Solder with his wife, Lexi Allen Solder, and their son, Hudson. (Instagram)

New England Patriots offensive lineman Nate Solder is married to Lexi Allen Solder.

The couple has one son together, Hudson Solder, who is battling kidney cancer.

Here’s what you need to know about Mrs. Lexi Solder:

1. Lexi & Nate Solder Met When Through a Mutual Friend & Were Married in 2014

Lexi Allen and Nate Solder met through a mutual friend.

They were married in 2014, shortly after returning from a family trip to South Africa, Nate Solder told the Boston Globe.

2. The Solders’ Son, Hudson, Was Diagnosed With Cancer When He Was 3 Months Old

The Solders son, Hudson, was diagnosed with cancer when he was 3 months old. He is still fighting the disease, though he has been doing well lately. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Nate Solder is himself a cancer survivor, overcoming testicular cancer.

The family has also helped raise money for the Jimmy Fund and other cancer-fighting charities after Hudson and Nate’s battles with the disease.

“We’ve connected with a lot of families,” Nate Solder told the Boston Herald. “There’s quite a community, and I think that’s just the personal connection that we’ve made that has impacted us, and I hope that it has impacted others.”

3. She Won the NCAA Division II Basketball Championship With Southern Connecticut in 2007

Lexi Allen Solder, a Southbury, Connecticut, native, won the NCAA Division II National Basketball Championship with Southern Connecticut State University in 2007.

She was a star guard at Southern. Lexi played high school basketball at Pomperaug High School in Connecticut.

4. She Works as a Camp & Teens Director for the YMCA in Massachusetts

Lexi Solder works as a camp and teens director for the YMCA Hockomock Area in Massachusetts.

She is heavily involved in the integration program, which supports children with special needs.

Nate Solder often volunteers with the YMCA.

5. She Spoke Out About the NFL’s ‘Football Is Family’ Campaign in an Instagram Post Last Year

Lexi Solder made some waves on social media last year when she spoke out about the NFL’s “Football Is Family” campaign in an Instagram post:

Football is not family, family is family, football is football. Football separates you from family, beats you up and kicks you out when you’re not good enough. Family is forever. I am forever appreciative and thankful, but not oblivious. What is your idol? Don’t make it bigger than it is.

Nate Solder praised his wife for speaking up:

“I’m proud of my wife being bold and having a passion for truth,” he wrote.