Patriots vs. Falcons Memes: The Best Funny Super Bowl 2017 Memes

Eli Manning & the Giants Have Been the One Team to Have Super Bowl Success Against the Patriots

No quarterback has had more success against the Patriots in the Super Bowl than Eli Manning. At times, Manning has had an inconsistent career, but he has played well when it mattered the most. Super Bowl XLII marked Manning's first Super Bowl, and Manning had an impressive performance. He threw for 255 yards and a touchdown as the Giants edged out the Patriots. Round two occurred in Super Bowl XLVI as the Giants came up with a 21-17 victory over the Patriots once again. Manning threw for 296 yards and a touchdown to win his second Super Bowl ring. The Giants are the only team Brady has lost to in the Super Bowl. Falcons fans are hoping Ryan can pull off some of Manning's magic as this funny meme alludes to. (Instagram/ScottCerJance)