WATCH: Tom Brady Intel Super Bowl Commercial 2017 [FULL VIDEO]

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This year, Tom Brady stars in a 30-second Super Bowl ad for Intel. The spot marks Intel’s first Super Bowl commercial during the game since 2010.

The ad showcases the company’s 360-degree replay technology called “Be the Player” that’s being featured during Fox’s broadcast. According to Ad Meter, Intel installed 38 high-tech cameras in Houston’s stadium that will be used to film the game’s highlights from the players’ points of view. It includes a zoom “freeD” system that’s already been used in the NBA and baseball All-Star Games.

Zac Fields, a senior vice president for graphic technology and integration at Fox Sports Group, recently told CBS Local Boston, “The difference here is you would be able to go in and see from his vantage point what the player actually saw… It’s something that most of us have never been able to see before. The vantage point that most of us have on TV is really different than what the guys see on the field. That’s what the promise of this technology is.”

Intel has decided that Brady is the perfect person to publicize their new technology. Speaking with the Associated Press in advance of the commercial’s release, Jeff Hopper, the general manager of strategy and marketing for the Intel Sports Group, said, “It’s something that fans have always dreamed about: ‘What did Tom see when he threw that pass? Everyone wants to be the player, to see what it’s like to see it from that point of view.”

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