When Will Seth Rollins Return From Injury?

Seth Rollins legitimately injured his knee on Monday Night Raw this past week, and we’re now getting a better idea of how long he’ll be kept out of action.

Rollins is scheduled to be examined by WWE doctors later this week, but according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter via Cageside Seats, the early word is that he will be gone for about eight weeks. The injury is also believed to be a torn MCL.

If that eight week figure is accurate, this would mean that Rollins would return just days before WrestleMania 33. That’s cutting it quite close, and as the Wrestling Observer notes, if there is absolutely any doubt about Rollins’ ability to perform in the days before WrestleMania, he’ll likely be kept out of the show.

Seth Rollins, of course, had to miss WrestleMania last year as well because of an ACL and MCL tear in his knee, the same knee that is injured right now.

This also comes just as Seth Rollins’ storyline was beginning to heat up. Rollins had been demanding to speak to Triple H practically every week since August, and after five months of that, he finally got his wish on Raw this week. Triple H showed up, berated Rollins, and then unleashed Samoa Joe on him. It was during his confrontation with Samoa Joe that Rollins injured his knee.

Although this is a legitimate injury, it seems that it will be incorporated into the WWE storyline, with Samoa Joe being built up as a ruthless assassin who took Rollins out of action in their very first encounter. In fact, Samoa Joe has been responding to the Rollins news on Twitter completely in character, acting as if he did it on purpose and making fun of Rollins’ fans for being upset.

In some way, having Seth Rollins be out of action for a few months could actually make for an even more satisfying moment when he returns at WrestleMania to exact his revenge. That’s assuming he can make it back in eight weeks, though; the last time Rollins injured his knee, he was gone for six months. Still, even in that situation, Rollins could return closer to the summer and feud with Samoa Joe, the guy who made him miss WrestleMania for the second year in a row, with a Rollins vs. Triple H match perhaps taking place at SummerSlam. 

We’ll find out more about the severity of Rollins’ injury when he’s examined by WWE doctors later this week.