Gisele Bundchen & Sarah Ryan: Wives Behind the Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Matt Ryan & Wife Sarah Marshall Ryan Story (Maine Channel 6 News)Amazing story on Sarah Marshall who is from Maine, and her Parents who live in Cumberland, ME. Sarah's Parents tell a funny story of Matt Ryan driving up to Maine to visit Sarah and them. Video by: WCSH 6 News.2017-01-28T03:00:03.000Z

While they have both taken different paths, Gisele Bundchen and Sarah Ryan have a lot in common. Most notably, they both have had successful careers while supporting their husbands as NFL quarterbacks.

Gisele was well known before she married Tom Brady. She started gaining notoriety as a model, but her career has evolved into a number of different mediums. Gisele is originally from Horizontina, Brazil and has become a global icon. Gisele has an estimated net worth of $360 million.

She retired from modeling in 2015, but is heavily involved in the business world. Gisele has her own line of lingerie and skincare as well as a number of endorsement deals.

Sarah is much less of a public figure, but has no problem interacting with people on social media. She also enjoys posting photos with her husband, Matt Ryan, on Instagram like the one below.

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In 2013, she was named a sponsorship sales consultant for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. It was a perfect fit given her basketball career at Boston College. Sarah was originally from Maine but has become an adopted Southerner since the couple’s move to Atlanta from Boston.

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, Sarah met Matt during college. Their connection as student-athletes helped the couple meet as she explained to the Gwinnett Daily Post.

“We met freshman year at Boston College. All the athletes there and all the teams worked out in the same building. So as cliche as it sounds, we first met in the weight room. It started out as a friendship. We’d see each other in the hallways, and we had the same group of friends and one thing led to another. I look back and we dated forever and now we’ve been married for two years. I was the lucky one to run into him that day,” Sarah told the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Tom and Gisele met through a mutual friend and have two children (Benjamin and Vivian) together. The Ryans have a quieter house with no children as of yet.

Gisele made news for her recent Instagram post immigration. The post below reads “The beauty of the human race is in its diversity. We are all connected and we are stronger when we come together. Only ego, beliefs and fears separate us. #weareone #weareallimmigrants #morelove.” It is an interesting critique of Donald Trump’s travel ban given Brady’s outspoken support for Trump.

While Sarah and Gisele have taken different career paths, they both know the challenges of being in a relationship that is often in the public eye. They also know the hard work it takes for their husbands to be successful NFL quarterbacks.