Assault Charges Against Darrelle Revis Dismissed

A judge dismissed all charges that were filed against Darrelle Revis, former defensive back for the New York Jets, stemming from a confrontation on a street in front of a Pittsburgh bar.

Revis was facing four felony charges as a result of an altercation that took place in February.

According to the police report, police responded to a report of a confrontation and found two men laying on the pavement unconscious. The two men told police that they got into an argument with Revis and were knocked out, but were unsure who punched them. The police report said that Revis threw a cellphone belonging to one of the victims into the street, and a video from the phone suraced online on TMZ shortly after.

The defensive back turned himself into police one day after the charges were filed, but he didn’t speak to reporters on the incident.

Revis’ childhood friend, Rashawn Bolton, told a judge March 15 that the voice on the video was his, not that of Revis. He also told the court that he was the man that knocked the two victims out because the two jumped Revis. He said that he was simply trying to pull them off of Revis and protect himself.

The situation allegedly started after Regis told the two victims that he didn’t want to be filmed on the phone of one of the men.

Revis is currently a free agent after being released by the Jets weeks after the charges were filed. His professional career started in New York from 2007-2012 before spending one season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2013) and the New England Patriots (2014). The All-Pro cornerback returned to play for the Jets in 2015.

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