WATCH: West Ham Fan Tries to Attack Chelsea Players

West Ham Fan Chelsea

The West Ham breaking on to the field just after Eden Hazard had given Chelsea the lead. (Getty)

A West Ham fan got access to the field of play to confront Chelsea players while they celebrated. Potential player of the year Eden Hazard scored with a beautiful counter-attacking goal for the champions-elect around the half-hour mark.

Hazard and his teammates then went to celebrate by the sidelines. That’s when a West Ham took offense and got on the field to illustrate his anger:

The Associated Press’s Rob Harris has written extensively about the problems at West Ham’s Olympic Stadium this season. He’s at tonight’s game:

As many of you will know, this isn’t the first time Chelsea players have been attacked during a heated London-derby:

Tottenham Fan Vs Chelsea FightAn idiot fan runs onto the pitch to try and hit Lampard, cue a big scuffle between said fan and Chelsea players.2007-03-19T22:49:57.000Z