Giovanna Yannotti, Kurt Angle’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kurt Angle will be making his return to the WWE this week.

On March 31st, Angle was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Two nights later, it was announced that Angle would serve as the new general manager of Monday Night Raw; the previous on-screen general manager, Mick Foley, was fired in a storyline involving Stephanie McMahon.

Since he retired from professional wrestling, Kurt Angle has gotten divorced and remarried. His wife is 30-year-old Giovanna Yannotti, who is half-Italian half-Mexican.

Here’s what you need to know about Giovanna Angle:

1. She Has a Background in Acting

Kurt Angle’s wife Giovanna Yannotti is an actress who has appeared in a number of Hollywood movies.

Yannatti’s first on-screen role was in the 2009 My Bloody Valentine remake; she had an uncredited role as a party-goer. That same year, she had an uncredited role in the remake of Sorority Row.

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In 2010, she appeared in an episode of the TV series Justified, performing as a gang member. Also in 2010, she played a lawyer in the horror film 6 Souls with Julianne Moore. And in the 2010 movie Unstoppable, Giovanna was a stand-in and a stunt double for Rosario Dawson.

Giovanna’s most recent role was in the 2012 movie Death from Above, a movie which starred Kurt Angle.

In her Twitter bio, Giovanna Yannotti indicates that she is no longer an actor. She says that she is a proud wife and mom who “used to do that acting thing.”

2. They Met on the Set of the Movie ‘End Game’

Kurt Angle and Giovanna Yannotti met while filming the 2009 movie End Game.

Angle plays a murderer who kidnaps a police officer’s daughter in the movie. Yannotti had a small role in the film as “Customer at Restaurant.”

In an interview with Vince Russo, Giovanna Yannotti said that she believes it was fate that she and Kurt Angle met. After all, she says that she only did the movie End Game as a favor for her best friend’s dad, who called her at the last minute because he needed an extra person on set.

“And all of a sudden I saw Kurt walk in, big blue eyes,” she said. “He was so handsome…I was just like, ‘I gotta have him.'”

3. She Didn’t Know Who He Was When They Met

When Giovanna Yannotti met Kurt Angle on the set of the movie End Game, she had no clue that he was one of the most legendary professional wrestlers of all time.

Instead, Yannotti told Vince Russo that she was simply drawn to him the moment he walked in but that she was not at all familiar with professional wrestling and did not know about his past role with the WWE.

Giovanna and Kurt did not start dating immediately, though. They were friends for a while, and when Kurt Angle spent some time recovering from injuries, she would come over to his house and spend time with him.

“Through his rough times, I kept coming over his house and I kept checking on him,” she told Vince Russo. “He didn’t really want to leave the house, and I always kept coming over, and we watched movies for weeks. I was just always there for him.”

After a while, Kurt Angle asked Giovanna Yannotti out, and they had their first date at Arby’s.

4. They Were Married in 2012

Giovanna and Kurt were married on July 20th, 2012.

This is Kurt Angle’s second marriage. He was previously married to Karen Smedley for 10 years, from 1998 to 2008. Kurt and Karen had two children together: a daughter, Kyra, and a son, Kody.

There is an age difference of 18 years between Kurt and Giovanna. Kurt Angle is 48, and Giovanna Yannotti is 30.

5. They Have Three Children Together

On January 22nd, 2011, Kurt Angle and Giovanna Yannotti had their first child together.

Giuliana Marie Angle was born about a year before Kurt and Giovanna’s wedding; the wedding was originally planned for 2011, but they pushed it back when Giovanna found out she was pregnant.

Just recently, Giuliana started kindergarten. In a recent Instagram post, Giovanna suggested that Giuliana might have a future with the WWE.

Giovanna also recently posted an adorable video of Giuliana watching her father being mentioned on SmackDown Live.

A few months after the wedding, they had their second child: Sophia Laine Angle was born on December 31st, 2012. Finally, they had their third child just a few months ago: Nikoletta Sky Angle was born on November 5th, 2016.

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