NBA Mock Draft 2017: Dick Vitale Speaks on Lonzo Ball & Markelle Fultz


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Lol, Dennis Smith JR to Minnesota? With Bridges and a bunch of other players at positions that the Timberwolves actually need (instead of ones where they already have a pre-existing logjam) still on the board? I gather that this writer didn’t take into account the teams actually making these picks. The Timberwolves spent a top-5 pick on Kris Dunn last year, in addition to having Rubio (who’s playing the best basketball of his career) and Tyus Jones (who’s dying for more minutes). Meanwhile, they start a C out of position at PF and have exactly one other playable PF on the roster (Bjelica)… who has been a gigantic disappointment and was a very old rookie coming over from Europe last year anyways.

Projecting drafts is always guesswork, but this much is certain: the Timberwolves won’t be drafting a PG in this draft.

12345_Sixers (@12345_Sixers)

This is not true : Jackson was suspended for Kansas’ first game in the Big 12 tournament for kicking the car door of a women’s basketball player.

He was suspended for a different incident. Get your facts right.

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