WATCH: Serge Ibaka, Robin Lopez Throw Punches In Brawl

An unnecessary hip bump by the Toronto Raptors‘ Serge Ibaka on the Chicago Bulls‘ Robin Lopez led to quite the scuffled in a game March 21.

Watch a video of the fight above.

Lopez was reaching up to go for a rebound after a shot by Jimmy Butler. When he landed, he was bumped by Ibaka in his back. Lopez retaliated by trying to grab at the ball and throwing a right-handed haymaker, which just missed Ibaka’s head.

When Ibaka saw Lopez cocking up to throw a punch, he threw a right-handed blow of his own, which caught Lopez in the left temple area.

Both teams’ players stayed on the benches as teammates tried to break up the ongoing scuffle. Once the dust settled, both players were ejected from the game and figure to get quite the hefty fine from the NBA.

The Bulls were ahead of the Raptors 88-72 with 3:58 left in the third quarter when the fight broke out.