Barcelona vs. Juventus: Score Updates & Highlights From Second Leg

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Final Score

Barcelona – 0 – 0 0(0)
Juventus – 0 – 0 0(3)

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In the last round, Barcelona became the first team to ever rally from four goals behind to win a Champions League knockout match.

A successful comeback on Wednesday would be far more impressive.

Barcelona are down three goals heading into the second leg of their quarterfinal tie against Juventus, and once again will need Camp Nou magic if they wish to advance. Manager Luis Enrique stated that his teams’s objective is to score five goals, which would rival as one of the biggest losses in the 120-year history of Juventus football. They are not the team that surrenders five goals.

Juventus has given up three goals in a game occasionally, but five would be a shock. They’ve only allowed two goals in Champions League play this year, and both came on set pieces. They’ve allowed 20 goals in 32 Serie A matches this season. This team is built on defense and composure, and that’s not going to change with a trip to Camp Nou.

If the Catalans need any confidence, they can find it in their historical success both at home and against Juventus. Barcelona have won 15 straight Champions League matches at home, and defeated Juventus when it mattered most: in the 2015 Champions League final.

Kickoff is at 2:45 p.m. Eastern and will air on Fox Sports 1. Keep this page refreshed after kickoff for the latest updates.

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