Blake Griffin’s Contract: Length & Yearly Salary

Blake Griffin dunk, Blake Griffin clippers, Blake Griffin 2015

Blake Griffin during the first half of Game Two of the Western Conference quarterfinals of the 2015 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on April 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty)

28-year-old Blake Griffin currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, but how much longer does he have until he becomes a free agent? And what kind of salary is he bringing in right now?

Griffin is currently on a contract that will end this summer. In July 2012, he signed a five year extension which will take him into July 2017, according to ESPN. By that point, Griffin had been playing with the Clippers for three years.

Although contract terms are never officially released, CBS Sports reported at the time that Griffin’s contract extension was worth $95 million. That would translate into a salary of about $19 million per year.

According to Sportrac, though, Blake Griffin’s salary started at $16 million when he signed the extension and has increased every year. He made $17 million in 2014, $18 million in 2015, $20 million in 2016, and will make $21 million in 2017. This adds up to about $95 million.

So what’s going to happen when Blake Griffin’s contract expires? At the moment, his intention seems to be to resign with the Clippers. Fox Sports reported last summer that Griffin is not open to going anywhere else.

Recently, Blake Griffin was taken out of action for the remainder of the NBA playoffs due to an injury.