Chelsea Kilgore, J.J. Redick’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

J.J. Redick is a shooting guard for the Philadelphia Sixers, and he is happily married.

Redick’s wife is Chelsea Kilgore, and the two have been together for almost a decade now. They also have two children at home.

So who is Chelsea Kilgore, the wife of J.J. Redick? Here’s what you need to know.

1. They Were Married in June 2010

J.J and Chelsea Redick were married in June 2010.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the couple started dating in 2008, around the same time that Redick became a Christian. This also would have been while Redick was still playing for Orlando Magic; he was selected as the 11th pick in the 2006 NBA draft and subsequently spent seven years with the team.

“She didn’t allow me to be a [jerk], and she still doesn’t,” Redick told the Los Angeles Times.

In 2015, J.J. Redick said that Jesus is his heavenly rock and Chelsea is his Earthly rock.

Chelsea and J.J. used to live together in a $5 million mansion in Texas, but they sold that house in 2016, according to Forbes.

J.J. Redick says that whenever he has an off day, he tries to devote it to doing whatever activity his wife wants to do.

“I have a general rule that if I have an off-day during the season that I owe it to her to do what she wants unless it’s harmful to my well-being,” he told the Orlando Sentinel.

Redick has spoken in interviews about the fact that he and Chelsea love to travel and try out all sorts of new foods in cities across the country, with Milwaukee being one of their favorite places to eat.

“Now Milwaukee…Milwaukee is one of the most underrated NBA food stops,” Redick told Fansided. “It has amazing restaurants. My wife and I, we didn’t have kids then, so we had a lot of fun exploring the city in the two-and-a-half months that I was there. I think the best restaurant was Wolf Peach, that’s my favorite one there. And the Bone Marrow appetizer was the best thing on the menu.”

It seems that both J.J. and Chelsea are into cooking. For Valentine’s Day 2014, Chelsea made J.J. heart-shaped fried rice, and J.J made Chelsea pan roasted chicken and fresh green beans.

2. She Helps Run the J.J. Redick Foundation & Teaches Pilates Classes

According to Player Wives, Chelsea Redick helps run the J. J. Redick foundation.

This is an organization that was formed in 2011 in order to “help teach children how to play basketball through youth clinics the clinics will be designed to reinforce fundamentals of basketball and to encourage young people through sports,” according to Guide Star.

In 2011, a fundraiser was held as part of the J.J. Redick foundation, and the money went to help pay for hospital services for underprivileged children.

Redick at the time recalled visiting the Ronald McDonald House in New York, a charity for hospitalized children.

“That really touched me and changed my view on things a little bit,” Redick said, according to The Roanoke Star. “I think in life, no matter what your socioeconomic background, you’re going to need some sort of assistance. You’re going to need some sort of help to get you where you’re going. I wanted the foundation to start with youth and underprivileged kids.”

In addition, Chelsea Redick is a Pilates instructor. In the bio of a Twitter account that has since been deleted, Chelsea describes herself as “Pilates Instructor. Identical twin. Amateur Chef. Wannabe runner. Lover of live music. Haver of husband. NYC, Orlando, and now Austin,” according to Player Wives.

3. She Has a Twin Sister

Chelsea Redick has a twin sister, Kylee.

Kylee and J. J. evidently get along well, and J.J. has in the past called Chelsea and Kylee his two best friends.

Chelsea, too, says that Kylee and J.J. are her two best friends.

 According to her Instagram account, Kylee Redick works for Luna, a Public Relations company in New York City.

4. Their Oldest Son is Knox, Who Is Two Years Old

Chelsea and J.J. Redick have two children, the older of whom is Knox.

Knox was born in August 2014, and he will be turning three this summer.

Although his father is a professional basketball player, it seems that Knox is more interested in baseball, and J.J. has posted several photos and videos on Instagram of his son playing baseball in the backyard.

J.J. said on Twitter in 2014 that he named his son Knox after the band Knox Hamilton.

A fun fact about J.J. Redick is that he is obsessed with watches, and he told the Hollywood Reporter that he bought his son Knox a Rolex that he will give Knox when he turns 18; engraved on the Rolex is, “To Knox on the best day of my life. Love, Dad.”

5. Their Youngest Son is Kai, Who is 9 Months Old

In August 2016, J.J. and Chelsea Redick had a second son, Kai.

Kai is now nine months old. When his son was born, J.J. said on Twitter, “Can’t wait for Knox to teach Kai how to shoot.” He also said on Instagram, “Already love him so much.”

In January, J.J. posted a photo of Kai standing, saying that Kai is trying to compete with his older brother.

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