Chris Jericho Win/Loss Record: How Often Does He Win Matches?

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Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens will fight at WrestleMania 33. (

Chris Jericho is set to face Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 33 tonight. What is Chris Jericho’s win-loss record? How often does he win matches?

According to Cagematch, the Internet wrestling database, Chris Jericho wins just slightly more often than he loses. Jericho has won 50.4 percent of the matches that he has been involved in, while he has lost 47.2 percent of them.

The year that Chris Jericho was the most active was 2000. That year, he was in 173 matches, and he won 45.7 percent of them, or 79 matches total.

He was also quite active in 2001. That year, he was in 166 matches and he won 93 of them, or 56 percent.

This means that Chris Jericho has a higher win-loss ratio than his WrestleMania opponent, Kevin Owens. According to Cagematch, Kevin Owens wins 48.1 percent of the matches he is involved in, while he loses 49.8 percent of the time.

For comparison to some other WWE superstars, John Cena wins 78 percent of the time, Roman Reigns wins 68.4 percent of the time, and AJ Styles wins 59.4 percent of the time.