WATCH: “Fire Bradshaw” Chants During ‘SmackDown Live’

During SmackDown Live this week, the crowd in Boston, Massachusetts made clear that they want commentator John “Bradshaw” Layfield to be fired.

In the middle of a Tag Team Championship match between The Usos and American Alpha, the crowd could be heard chanting “Fire Bradshaw!” They also chanted “We want Mauro!” and “Bradshaw sucks!”

This is a reference to a scandal currently engulfing the WWE involving John Layfield, a.k.a. JBL. SmackDown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo has been absent for several weeks, and this reportedly has something to do with backstage bullying from JBL.

In the aftermath of Mauro’s absence, a number of stories of JBL allegedly bullying WWE personnel backstage has emerged, and the WWE has faced growing pressure to fire John Layfield from the show.

So far, the WWE has not addressed this in any way, and JBL remains on the SmackDown Live commentary team.