Is Renee Young Staying on ‘SmackDown Live’ After Marriage to Dean Ambrose?

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During the WWE superstar shake up this week, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young were assigned to different shows.

This was surprising to see, as the WWE generally tries to keep real-life couples together during these brand splits. For example, last year, John Cena and Nikki Bella, Jimmy Uso and Naomi, Lana and Rusev, and The Miz and Maryse were all kept on the same program after the draft. Alberto Del Rio and Paige, however, were split between Raw and SmackDown Live.

The situation with Renee Young and Dean Ambrose is slightly different, though, because Young still frequently spends time at Monday Night Raw. When Paige and Alberto Del Rio were assigned to different brands, that was a big deal, as neither of them would ever really be at the same show except for at cross-brand pay-per-views like Survivor Series and WrestleMania. But Renee Young is sometimes seen on Raw content such as the WWE Network show Raw Talk.

However, she made clear this week that she is still exclusive to SmackDown Live, and at least for the time being, she has not been moved to Monday Night Raw. When someone on Twitter tried to downplay the significance of Ambrose and Young being split apart, saying that Young is still on Raw, Young said that actually, she’s just on SmackDown Live. When the example of Raw Talk was brought up, she said that this is not currently a weekly show.

The fact that she used the word “currently” leaves open the possibility that the WWE will expand Raw Talk into a weekly show like Talking Smack. Therefore, Renee Young would have a reason to be at Raw every single week.

Raw Talk has generally only aired after major WWE pay-per-views, although it did just have an episode last week for the special Raw after WrestleMania.

It’s definitely not great for Ambrose and Young that they are now working on different WWE programs. On Talking Smack this week, Young said that she is “not super pumped” about the situation. She also somewhat jokingly asked who is to blame for this, Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon.

“Should I blame either of you guys?” Young asked. “Who should I take that up with?”

On Twitter, Young said that she is bummed about Ambrose leaving, although she recognized that it is his duty to go to Raw. 

This is an especially sad situation because Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are now married, as was just announced this past week, and they’ve both talked about how they love spending time together on the road.

“[F]or the most part, we have our own memories we get to create being together all over the world,” Young said in an interview with “We’ve shut down hotels and hotel bars all over the world. So it’s so awesome we get to do that and then we get to go home together and go, ‘Cool, now do you want to just go around the corner and grab a sandwich or something?’ You get both sides of it. It’s perfect. I love it.”