Joe Mixon Video: What Did Mixon Do?

It is hard to hear the name Joe Mixon without the term “video” being added to the end of it. As the above video shows, Mixon punched a woman in the face breaking four bones.

According to SB Nation, the incident occurred July 25, 2014 prior to Mixon entering Oklahoma. There was a video of the incident at the restaurant but it was not released until December 2016.

The woman he punched was a student at Oklahoma, Amelia Molitor, and opted to continue her education despite fear of suffering backlash from fans. According to the Daily Mail, she suffered panic attacks after the incident.

“I’m not the kind of person that lets people determine my life. I came here for a reason. I had a goal. I’m not a quitter. Coming back was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never been more proud of anything in my whole life than accomplishing this,” Molitor told the Daily Mail.

Molitor grew up a massive Oklahoma fan, but the incident caused her to stop going to games. Mixon was suspended for one season and allowed to rejoin the team after the suspension. Oklahoma Bob Stoops has admitted that he likely would have been dismissed from the football team if the incident occurred more recently.

Stoops spoke to ESPN about society’s evolution when it comes to physical violence against women.

Two and a half years ago, thought we had a significant penalty, a strong penalty. Now, it isn’t enough. These individuals can’t have a second chance. Just not acceptable. And they know it anymore, and they’ve been told enough. We have more meetings and things of that nature that instruct and let them know what appropriate behavior is and isn’t and what the consequences are.

Dismissal is really the only thing that is possible. A young guy having an opportunity to rehabilitate and to have some kind of discipline and come back from it is really not there anymore. Hopefully that message goes down even to the high school level that these things are just unacceptable to any degree and there’s no recovering, I guess … it never has been acceptable. What I’m saying is, there’s no recovering from these incidents really anymore.

According to the USA Today, a civil settlement was reached on April 21, 2017. Pro Football Talk reported the terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Mixon met with Molitor in-person and apologized.

Molitor issued this statement to the USA Today following the agreement.

Joe and I were able to meet privately, without any attorneys, and talk about our experiences since that night. I am encouraged that we will both be able to move forward from here with our lives. From our private discussions I am satisfied that we are going to put this behind us and work towards helping others who may have found themselves in similar circumstances. I greatly appreciate his apology and I think the feelings he expressed were sincere. We both could have handled things differently. I believe if we had a chance to go back to that moment in time, the situation would not have ended the way it did.

Mixon also released a statement after speaking with Molitor.

I’m thankful Mia and I were able to talk privately. I was able to apologize to her one-to-one. The way I reacted that night, that’s not me. That’s not the way I was raised. I think she understands that. Talking together helps move us past what happened. I know I have to keep working to be a better person, and this is another step in that direction. I love working with kids, and I’m looking for more chances to do that kind of work. I want to lead a life that inspires them, and I hope I can lead by example from today forward.