WATCH: Kurt Angle’s Entrance at ‘WrestleMania 33’

Kurt Angle made his return to WrestleMania on Sunday, being welcomed home by a crowd of fans screaming “You suck!

Angle was at WrestleMania during a segment during which the Hall of Fame Class of 2017 was introduced. All of the other hall of fame entrees simply walked out, but Kurt Angle got a full introduction with his theme music playing.

As was the case at the Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday, fans chanted “You suck!” along with Angle’s theme as usual, although this was clearly out of reverence.

Angle did not have a role in WrestleMania other than this moment, although it has been rumored that he may become the new general manager of Monday Night Raw. He recently said that he’s pretty sure he will end up back in a WWE ring one day.